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Travel Tips

Travel Tips

One of my favourite things to write about is all the great travel tips I have learned over the past 10 years of world travel. From how to pack light, to travel hacking flight booking sites or knowing where to go and when to go, here are some of my favourite travel tips which I hope you will find useful.

So many things will go right, and so many things will go wrong, on your trip of a lifetime. Trust me I’ve been through some gnarly situations! Be it cracking my head open in Thailand, getting the worst stomach bug of my life in the Maldives or getting robbed in Mexico!

From Malaria, to Dengue Fever or even Hives (READ: What are hives and what can cause them during a trip?) weird stuff always pops up on one’s travels!

If there is anything in particular that you struggle with and would like some tips, just leave a comment and I promise I will write a post answering all your questions and concerns. x


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Tuesday 6th of March 2018

favorable tips you give here. I appreciate it.


Friday 24th of June 2016

Great trips!