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Monday 10th of August 2015

Hi Janet, I saw your reply on someone elses blog, giving the advice to step away from a domain. I replied this there as well, but it might be easier to contact you here on your own blog.

Anyway, I have been considering to get away from but am in doubt between upgrading directly via wordpress, so everything else will stay the same... or to buy a domain somewhere and download software, which is better according to many people. Would you have any advice on that and is it hard to get along with the software?



Thursday 7th of August 2014

Hi! We are also living in South Korea. Cool blog! It's pretty awesome at the same time challenging living here in South Korea, so far so good! What do you do here? Please check out our blog: Both me and my husband has traveled at least 50 countries!

Kathleen Daly

Sunday 16th of June 2013

Hi janet i love the photo's cant wait to the rest of them .k


Sunday 5th of August 2012

I'm glad you liked and shared my blog, I will be sure to go check yours out too! Janet


Sunday 25th of December 2011

Wow, Somalia is your homeland? That is so interesting. I agree with you about Ethiopia, so much potential and also such and amazing country so rich with history and scientific/historic discovery! I had an amazing trip there, we stayed mostly in the South (Harar, Addis Ababa, Shashemene, Bale Mnts...) so will have to go back again for sure to see the North.

Im going to watch that clip tomorrow when I have more time- thanks so much for sharing. Janet :)