6 Common Travel Stressors (And How to Avoid Them)

When people describe their traveling escapades, they often skip over any misadventures they may have experienced along the way. However, it can be dangerous for first-time travelers to leap into the unknown without understanding the risks and complications involved. Although vacationing in a foreign country is an enriching, thrilling experience, you’re bound to encounter bumps in the road. To ensure you’re prepared and ready to take on challenges as they come, read on for five typical travel stressors and how you can bypass them during your stay away from home. 

Fears of stolen packages while you’re away

When you’re on vacation, the last thing on your mind should be obligations back home. However, many travellers find themselves forced back into reality during their getaway when they receive news of stolen packages. Unfortunately, mail theft is widespread, with nearly 45 per cent of individuals falling victim to porch pirates. 

While you may think asking a trusted neighbour to keep a watchful eye or installing a security camera may be enough armour to protect you from unsuspecting thieves, some packages may still slip through the cracks. To guarantee your mail remains safe and sound while you’re enjoying your time overseas, consider investing in a virtual address from iPostal1 (https://iPostal1.com/). That way, you can choose from over 2000 international locations and track your packages 24/7, eliminating package theft once and for all.  

Navigating multiple cities 

Planning a trip to multiple cities and trying to squeeze various destinations into a short period may cause more problems than you’d initially intended. Though it may seem convenient and timely to schedule three or four close-by towns into a day or two, the travelling process could overwhelm actual time spent roaming around.

Instead of attempting to squeeze every last destination into a small time slot, consider holding off for your next vacation or spreading them out over a couple of weeks.  

Getting lost

Though it can be overwhelming and scary when you realize you’ve strayed off the beaten path while on vacation, you can turn your fear into a valuable experience by engaging with the destination around you. If you find yourself turned around and directionally confused, try to stay calm and retrace your steps. Additionally, consider downloading zoomed-out maps to your phone so that you have access to directions regardless of cell service. 

Rerouting after delays and cancellations 

Regardless of how much time you spent prepping and planning for your vacation, unforeseen mishaps are bound to arise. Unfortunately, one of the most common disasters travellers experience is delayed or cancelled flights, causing many to throw their previous itinerary out the window.

That said, by arriving early and creating a backup plan for various delays, you can sidestep airport meltdowns and stay focused on your final destination. Though it may be frustrating to spend hours waiting around for the next available plane, take this time to relax and revamp your itinerary before you arrive. 

Using public transportation 

Another familiar travel stressor is navigating public transport in foreign countries. Unfortunately, many taxi drivers will bump up fare prices for tourists and intentionally steer through debtors to increase fees at the end. To ensure scam-free transportation, make sure you know the fastest route to your destination and speak confidently when communicating with your driver. Additionally, before you jump the gun and head out with no solid game plan, make sure you study up on the bus, train, and subway systems to remain on course. 

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Wrapping up

Though you may not bypass every travel stressor while exploring abroad, you can minimize anxiety and overwhelm by planning well in advance and going with the flow during unexpected roadblocks. Make sure you research your destination thoroughly, understand the public transportation systems, and have a backup plan in case of delays, and you’ll be ready to take on any mishaps along the way.