4 Unique Job Ideas for Newcomers to Expat Life

Moving abroad is a brave decision to make that requires thinking through many complex questions and tiny nuances. Financial issues should always take first place in preparations for expat life; savings will not last you forever. You need to think about your future income sources in advance, or if possible – find them before you leave your native country.

Significant changes are always intimidating, but it means you are moving forward in the right direction. Resources like Self Development Secrets or blogs of people who have already been living in another country (of your interest) for years will be useful in rationalizing your fears, concerns, and doubts on seeking a job abroad and moving in general.

Let’s see which job ideas can become a perfect option for starting a career overseas,help you settle in a new place and encourage further travelling.

Work for a delivery app

It’s probably one of the most obvious choices for first-time expats, but it indeed has its benefits. First of all, it will directly connect your work with very different people – both local citizens and visitors or expats like yourself. So it is helpful not only in improving your second language, but can also help you meet useful acquaintances.

Another advantage is that you no longer need anything except your driver’s license to start working. Some services allow you to hire cars to drive for Uber or Lyft, eliminating the need to invest in buying a car for this job or finding ways to transfer your current vehicle overseas.

expat jobs

Freelance tour guide

It is a kind of job that requires particular knowledge and extensive experience, but, fortunately, many tourist companies will provide you with a comprehensive onboarding process and specific training. Besides, foreign language speakers are always in demand, so your native one, no matter whether it is Spanish, Chinese, Russian, French, or English, may come in handy even on the opposite side of the world.

It’s a great way to learn more about the country you have expatriated to, but it is not necessarily limited to one country only. Many companies offer work trips to travel worldwide with tourist groups, which is optimal for international networking. Perhaps it makes it one of the most exciting and interesting income sources you can possibly think of.

tour guide in mountains

Even organizer

Specialists in the organization of corporate events are in demand by many companies and agencies. An event manager’s role is to organize a premium vacation, choose entertaining activities, get discounts in hotels, and find cheap flights. Most often, the event manager personally goes to the place and controls the course of the event.

It is a kind of job that consists of solving many tasks simultaneously, so it might be a challenging career option to start with. Thus, it would be more beneficial to start looking for a job opening as an assistant if you have little experience in this field. 

It will allow you not only to master your organizational skills but will also be a great way to travel the world and meet new people.

Digital Nomad

Well, it is not exactly a job; it is more of a lifestyle that covers numerous types of jobs that can be done remotely. Thus, you will not only be able to live in a foreign country (or even to be constantly traveling) and manage your working tasks. You will also be able to solve the job question even before you set off!

The most significant advantage is that digital nomads are not limited to a technical or creative career, so there is room for various job opportunities. When starting to work abroad, it is better to focus on the skills and experience you already have, working on a freelance basis. 

Digital nomads have many options to choose from, including; freelance writing, language tutoring, social media management, virtual assistance, video editing, and many more.


Living in a whole new country – that sometimes can differ significantly and feel like living in an entirely different world – can bring both new opportunities and experience as well as new facets of anxiety and worry. For that reason, it is vital to study as many resources as possible in order to prepare yourself for both the routine and unexpected.

Seeking new income sources abroad is the most challenging task to deal with, but it is also a necessity. To succeed, start by evaluating your current qualifications and how they can be applied to freelance or online businesses. It will allow you to work remotely no matter whether you are moving to the United States, traveling to New Zealand, or anywhere else in the world that takes your fancy!