What To Do If Your Flight Is Delayed: 5 Simple Tips

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For those who travel internationally, you might have experienced airport delays or flight cancellations quite frequently. It is obvious that we all hate to wait, but one should always be prepared to deal with uncertain scenarios. You can have a flight delay for a lot of genuine reasons. E.g. adverse climate conditions, air traffic control restrictions, pre-flight preparations, cargo waits, technical glitches, or strikes by airport staff – stuff we just can’t control!

Here are a few things to help you cope in the event of airport delays…

5 Simple Things to Do If Your Flight Is Delayed

Read a Book

Understandably, flight delays are frustrating for passengers. However, you can always find simple things to do at the airport like reading. Nowadays, books are easily accessible to kill some time. You can easily open an eBook on your smartphone, tab, or laptop.

If you are someone who loves reading books while travelling, then you can pack an extra book in your hand-carry. Another way to pass extra time is by visiting the airport bookstore. Filter out and purchase your favorite book, novel, or magazine. Spending extra bucks on books will make you achieve more in less time.

You can learn something new by making efficient use of your time. In the event of delayed flight, reading stimulates your mind and allow you to feel relaxed and positive about the situation. 

Use Social Media

Social media is the best alternative for you if you dislike reading. You will see a lot of passengers in the lobby area using their smartphones. In case of a flight delay, you can use social media platforms to connect with your family and friends. Maybe us eth time catch up with friends, call home or Skype some people you haven’t talked to in a while!

Whether it is your Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, or Instagram account, one can easily indulge in the trending content. Sharing random airport selfie or vacation photo is also a fun idea. Once you are involved in reading comments or interacting with followers, you won’t feel bored at all.

Furthermore, go through blogs or newsletters if you have premium subscriptions. Before you even realize, it will be time for you to get back on the plane.

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Know Your Rights as a Passenger

It is fundamental to know your rights before you fly. Be careful while booking international flights. Specifically, read all the terms and conditions. Most of the time, airlines offer food vouchers, compensation fees, hotel stays, or refund policy in the event of delayed flights.

Passengers have been given more rights if you are flying on European airlines or in Europe. In 2004, EC regulation 261 was passed that proposed monetary benefits in the event of delayed flights. According to EU 261, if your flight was three hours late, then you have a legitimate right to claim a compensation of €600. 

Explore The Airport’s Perks

This is definitely a fun and time-consuming activity to do. More or less, every airport has fancy restaurants or fast food joints. You can get something to eat. Beyond food, airports offer free workout spaces or yoga studios. Exercise is a good idea to blow off some steam.

Also, some airports like Incheon in Korea or Changi in Singapore have a vast range of fun activities from a spa and ice rink to a cinema, a sunflower garden or a waterfall the sparkles with thousands of artificial lights.

On your way back home from an international trip, if you have unused foreign currency you can go duty-free shopping. The duty-free store is an attraction in itself. You will easily get lost in testing out sample perfumes or makeup. You will not stop glancing at beautiful decoration pieces or goodies available in the store. Moreover, if you have kids, you can take them to the play area. 

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Set Weekly Goals

I guess you might have found this tip irrelevant, but it can be a blessing in disguise. If you have a flight back home, then it’s a great idea to catch up on your work in your spare time. Although the idea of leaving a vacation spot is aching. However, you can start by setting up weekly goals to deal with flight delays. This action will turn very useful on your return back home. You can later revise or update the goals depending on many things.

Goals can either be related to your work or personal life. It is a brilliant way to kill extra time at the airport and add excitement to your return from a fun trip. You will feel less stressed at the end of your vacation.