6 Quirky Things To Do In Tokyo – Where Everything’s A Little WHACK

things to do in tokyo

We all know Japan is all about the weird and wonderful, and the Japanese capital is no different. From themed cafes to rising go-karts on the cities streets, below are 6 of the weirdest things to do in Tokyo, Japan.

Quirky Things to Do In Tokyo Japan

1. Visit Alice On Wednesday

Fall down the rabbit hole of this three-storey shopping experience in Shibuya. The Wonderland-inspired vertical maze is one of the most unusual things to do in Tokyo. Before you enter the building, you already have to buy into Alice’s world by choosing the ‘entrance’ from a number of doors (if you choose incorrectly, you will find yourself out on the street again).

Explore the first floor, or White room, which is full of incredible themed food and drinks, including the story’s iconic “Drink Me” bottle. Venture through to the second floor’s Mad Hatter room, where you will find Alice-themed clothing and merchandise. The final floor belongs to the Queen of Hearts, and you can pick up an array of accessories, including your very own White Rabbit watch.

Besides the endless shopping opportunities, Alice on Wednesday is filled with wonder-ful touches, including a hidden character tableaux, a portrait of the Cheshire Cat whose eyes follow you across the room, and the Queen of Hearts’ throne.

The final piece of this amazing puzzle is in the name, chosen because the owners wanted to bring a little more joy to what they consider to be the most boring day of the week.


2. Check Out The Unicorn Gundam

Forming part of the immensely popular Anime canon, the Gundam franchise is a major piece of Japanese pop culture. Whether you’re a Gundam superfan or novice, the 65 foot high replica of the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam is worth a visit.

As the watchful guardian of Tokyo Bay, seated on the shore of Tokyo’s man-made island, Odaiba, the Unicorn is an unbelievable sight. Most of the time, the gargantuan statue stays in unicorn mode, with its white frame and single horn. However, it also goes into ‘Destroy mode’, where its frame expands and it lets off a pink glow. Enjoy this spectacular transformation as the unicorn puts on its daily/nightly shows.

things to do in tokyo

3. Make a Mini-Me At The Clone Factory

Enjoy one of the distinctly weird things to do in Tokyo, where you can get a 3D-printed version of yourself. It all starts very normally with getting your picture taken, then it takes a turn for the unusual with the creation of a very precise miniature replica of your head.

You get to pick a body and style your clone with anything from a sailor’s outfit to a wedding dress, as many people who choose to get a clone made do so to mark a special day. Of course, pictures must be taken of you and your 20-inch double to celebrate the occasion. Then you get to take the little guy home.

While it is quite pricey, make your trip to Tokyo extra memorable with this personalised souvenir, which may or may not be creepy, but is definitely one-of-a-kind.

4. Take a Mario Kart Tour

Zoom through the streets of Tokyo on this Mario Kart-inspired tour of the city. Don’t miss the chance to experience one of the most unique modes of transportation, as you dress up in full Mario Kart garb, and see the Tokyo streets dressed as one of your favourite characters.

You and your friends can race through Shinjuku, Roppongi and even experience the Shibuya Crossing as you cross it. Choose to have a guided tour, or go on an adventure of your own making where you pick the route. While fun is the order of the day, safety is paramount and you are required to have a driver’s license to participate.

Besides an amazing road-level view of Tokyo and feeling like a celebrity as you whizz through crowded streets, this tour guarantees an unbeatable photo-op. Enjoy one of the ultimate weird things to do in Japan, and feel like you’ve dropped into a level of Mario Kart on this animated drive through Tokyo.

quirky things to do in tokyo

5. Explore The Meguro Sky Garden

For a unique view of Tokyo, visit this stunning natural oasis on top of the Shuto Expressway. Explore the garden, which has over 1000 trees, including cherry blossom and pine.

You can also try and spot the vines, from which some local residents gather grapes to make their own wine. This collision point of cityscape and forested haven is one of the best (and most relaxing) quirky locations in Tokyo.

Take your time as you make your way through the children’s play area, traditional Japanese Garden and a stunning bamboo grove. This one-of-a-kind spot high above the city has some of the best views in Tokyo. Whether you gaze over the neon-infused streets or take in the spectacular view of Mt Fuji, this quirky Tokyo garden hits the spot.

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6. Have a Weird Dining Experience

If you’re looking to experience some of the most eclectic and mind-blowing restaurants on the planet, Tokyo is the place to find them. Whether you want to watch robots battle it out in a spectacle of lights as you nibble on some dinner, or enjoy canned goods (and drinks) from across the globe, Tokyo is where it’s at.

If you want the ‘sleuth experience’ while you enjoy a beverage, the Detective Bar Progress is what you need. You can enjoy decor that includes yellow crime scene tape, the chalky outline of  a dead body and detective gear everywhere you look. But the best part about it is the bartenders are bona fide private detectives. Enjoy some unmissable stories as they pour you a drink, then get your Sherlock Holmes on as the bar becomes your ‘crime scene’. Check for bugs and try some fingerprinting as you enjoy the weird side of Tokyo’s nightlife.

things to do in toko

For a dining experience with a sense of adventure, head to the Ninja Akasaka restaurant. Enter the restaurant through a pitch black wall, as a silent waitron escorts you through a labyrinth of corridors, over a drawbridge, and into a secret dining room. While you order your food off an impossibly long scroll, black-clad waiters will appear and dazzle you with sword tricks and martial arts displays.

The traditional Japanese food is flavoured with danger, including the sesame cracker throwing stars, escargot bombs lit with an actual fuse, and snow crab that is pierced with a sword, served on a grapefruit and bleeding icy mist. What more could you ask for from a night out in Tokyo?