Travel Spotlight: Considering A Cruise Holiday With Ponant Luxury Cruises

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Have you ever considered doing a cruise holiday? It’s never really been on my radar but I’m always curious about new ways to travel and see the world so I talked with a luxury cruise company called Ponant to get an insight into the glamorous world of cruising – IN ULTIMATE LUXURY! Hope you enjoy this short Travel Spotlight piece.

7 Reasons to Choose Ponant for your next Cruise 

Ponant expedition cruises are not just about an exceptional sea voyage but a truly luxurious experience. Each of those cruise lines come with technologically cutting-edge cruise ships that have been innovatively designed.

Get the opportunity to visit extraordinary locations around the Caribbean or the Mediterranean or one of those multi-faceted continents with natural treasures.

Here are some good reasons as to why choose Ponant, the French luxury cruise line for your next cruise holiday.

1. Discover the most luxurious yachts

Ponant ships boast of state-of-the-art technologies and are innovative in terms of sustainable development and remain committed to protecting the environment. Sail under a high-end luxury cruise company such as Ponant that creates unforgettable experiences for the cruisers.

The modern young fleets give the traveler the private cruising experience he is looking for. The lustrously designed rooms come equipped with a private balcony, and you feel as if you own the yacht. Get ready for some unforgettable moments as you embark on a luxury cruise one of those intimately sized cruise yachts sailing under a French flag.

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2. A wide range of superb yachts

With Ponant, you can compare their impressive fleet of superb mega-yachts and make your choices.  Some of the most famous names include L’austral, known for its French sophistication. Le Boreal boasts of luxury and intimacy with unmatched elegance. Other impressive names include Le Lyrial, Le Ponant, Le Soleal, Le Champlain, Le Laperouse, Le Bougainville and more. Look forward to memorable moments of relaxation within those luxury yachts.

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3. Wonderful itineraries with exceptional luxury

With Ponant, you get to combine delightful itineraries with excellent luxury to deliver a luxurious sailing experience. You can cover almost the whole of the world like Northern Europe, The Arctic, Asia, Latin America, Caribbean, Pacific and Oceania, The Mediterranean, Alaska, North America, Antarctica, Africa, and Russia.

Explore the natural wonders of Central America or sightsee the best of Japan or get on a two-week cruise from Hong Kong to Osaka and a lot more.

poignant cruise itinerary

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4. Gala dinners with new gastronomic experiences

When you cruise with Ponant, you can look forward to attentive services within a five-star environment. Guests attend a culinary demonstration as well as can enjoy impressive gastronomy throughout the cruise. Depending on the itineraries, there are gala dinners, special events, and exciting new dishes.

And all of that under the discreet services of a French crew with excellent track records of maintaining a unique cruising philosophy.

food on poignant cruise

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5. Lounges & Bars

When you cruise with Ponant, you will never run out of options to socialize with others or spend some quiet moment son your own. Thanks to the impressive range of lounges & bars, you can enjoy an evening event in a panoramic lounge over a special drink. It is indeed a great way to chill and spend quality time with your loved ones and new friends.

6. Theatre, shops, and leisure

Ponant cruises create an endless avenue for entertainment events for the guests. Experienced guides and specialists keep the guests well informed while musical performances, films, and shows keep them entertained. And, when it comes to shopping, guests can shop for beauty products, postcards, clothing, jewelry, and souvenirs while cruising. There are special leisure areas where guests can enjoy different games and read books.

The library on Ponant yachts are well equipped with books, and there are computers and wi-fi connectivity available.

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7. A customized cruise well within your budget

When you cruise with Ponant, it means you get the chance to customize your cruise and design it the way you want based on your preferences and personality. So, you can get the best possible sailing experience as you can choose from different airlines and classes and enjoy total peace of mind with pre- and post-cruise programs. Ponant guests can avail of special prices and thus lower their budget.

It is always a good idea to subscribe to the exclusive insurance policy offered by Ponant and make the most out of your trip.  

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Ponant Cruise Destinations

Here’s a look at some Ponant cruises that might be to your liking…

  • Explore the natural wonders of Central America as you sail on a 14-day expedition cruise that covers a couple of countries. Get the chance to discover the amazing sites of Central America.
  • Sightsee the best of Japan via an exceptional itinerary and discover the heart of Japan, the daintiness of the geishas and the history of the samurai on a 9-day cruise.
  • Take advantage of the itinerary offered by the luxury cruise company between Portugal, Spain, and Cape Verde. The 10-day cruise leaving from Lisbon and take you across different cultures and traditions.
  • Get on a two-week cruise from Hong Kong to Osaka to enjoy the stunning scenery and significant places. Learn about the impressive history and places as you cruise along and discover lush islands of Taipei and Taiwan.
  • A 9-day cruise itinerary connecting Malta and Sicily allows you to discover the treasures of the Mediterranean. Explore mythical places as you cruise on the new luxury expedition ship.
  • Discover the Great Lakes of North America as you get aboard with PONANT on an 11-day cruise. Follow the footsteps of the first settlers and Native Americans and enjoy the lovely sailing experience during your voyage.
  • Ponant invites you on a 13-day cruise to discover the ancient Inca Empire. Sail along the coasts of Peru and Chile,Le Soléal and discover amazing sights and spots on the way.
  • Embark on the all-new 8-day circuit in the Bissagos Islands floated by Ponant that takes you through unspoiled nature and exceptional biodiversity. Enjoy the exceptional cruise that is loaded with adventure.
  • Explore the beautiful islands in the Pacific as you sail aboard on a 16-day Ponant cruise for an unforgettable journey. Discover a wild and exotic world of the Hawaii and Tahiti Islands.

Apart from the above, Ponant is all set to offer two new cruises in 2020 that are truly exceptional and are based on culture, discovery, and transmission. These voyages take you to the Louvre Abu Dhabi and include informative talks by curators and department directors.