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Trentino, Italy: From Swimsuits To Hiking Boots, A Region Worth Visiting

Trentino, Italy: From Swimsuits To Hiking Boots, A Region Worth Visiting

What if I told you the best place to visit in Italy is a place you’ve probably never heard of? Far from the beaches of Puglia and the canals of Venice, leaving behind the red brick rooftops of Bologna and the bustling metropolis of Milan, you will find the stunning and diverse region of Trentino, Italy – a region packed with adventure awaits.

Hidden away at the north end of Lake Garda (one of my top 7 lakes in Italy), surrounded by the snow capped Dolomites and an abundance of pristine lakes and rivers, where the TrentoDoc never stops flowing and there’s always something to cheers to…THIS MY FRIENDS IS TRENTINO.  

So, what is it that makes Trentino so special?

BEST Places To Visit in TRENTINO, Italy

Let’s start with the FOOD! 

While everywhere in Italy seem to be a food-lovers paradise, the diversity of the cuisine, the size of the portions and spectacular restaurant locations are truly what sets Trentino apart. 

Think home cooking and hearty meals,  and everything from pizza and pasta to seafood and dumplings, to meat plates and cheese plates, hot plates and Trentodoc crates – perfectly presented in  eye-popping portions to energise you after a long day of adventure. 

The nature in Trentino

The next reason to travel to Trentino is to immerse yourself in nature in what can only be described as an outdoor adventure paradise.

Be it an easy walk through meadows blooming with wild flowers, taking it slow and getting a taste for village life  to a more challenging hike to see the Dolomites snow-capped peaks, getting outdoors is an absolute must while in Trentino.The region is blessed with over 100 lakes, ranging from picture-perfect reflection ponds to freezing cold alpine lakes, turquoise lagoons family-friendly waterspouts havens. 

There’s no shortage of fun to be had for all the family – from sailing across the lake, to swimming by the pontoon to kayaking by the shoreline  or testing your balance on a stand up paddle board while soaking up the Italian sun, Lakes In Trentino are blissfully clean while the water is nothing if not refreshing!

On holiday and keen to take it easy? Trentino has you sorted. 

Spend your afternoons strolling through colourful streets while exploring postcard perfect villages such as Mezzano Romantic, Fiera di Primiero or Levico Terme. Or call into a family-run winery where the history of the wine should move you to tears. 

Alternatively, pack your swimsuit and a good book and join the locals by the shore of Lake Caldonazzo for a day at the beach.

So there you have it – from swim suits to hiking boots and a few glasses of Trentodoc thown in for good measure – Trentino is the region you might not have heard of but the one place in Italy that appears to have it all.


Thursday 3rd of October 2019

I just love everything you guys did! I was on the Adventurous Girls tour and it's hard to believe we were in the same region, so different! I can't wait to go back to Trentino and add some of these experiences. What a magical place...

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