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Fall In Love With These Lisbon Attractions This Summer

Fall In Love With These Lisbon Attractions This Summer

Lisbon is where dreams come true. The largest city in Portugal, and rightfully the capital, it is dreamy, beautiful and romantic place, making it a perfect destination to spend your next holiday. Although it is one of the oldest cities not only of Western Europe, but also of the world, it is one of the top-rated global cities as well and there are more unique Lisbon attractions than you can shake a stick as – and even more unique experience as written about here.

The past and the future come together in the present in Lisbon. Think of enjoying one of the private tours available in the city to start your Lisbon exploration in the best and safest way possible. Regardless of which activities you will do in Lisbon, the experience of this luscious city will forever be etched into your fondest memories. Here is a checklist to help you make the best of your 3 day Lisbon trip.

Must See Lisbon Attractions

Torre de Belém

If there is one Lisbon landmark which defines the skyline of the city, it has to be the Torre de Belem. Make sure that you include this stunning tower in your Lisbon itinerary! Situated at the mouth of the Tagus River this medieval tower was constructed in the 16th century under the patronage of Saint John. One of the best features of this tower is unique fusion of a number of styles from the Mudejar, the Moorish, the Gothic as well as the Romanesque architecture. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is looks absolutely majestic and magical soaring above the seafront.

Jerónimos Monastery

The Jerónimos Monastery or Hieronymites Monastery is a stunning monastery in the Portuguese Late Gothic Manueline architectural style. Formerly a sanctuary of the Order of Saint Jerome this UNESCO World Heritage Site is located close to the Tagus river in the parish of Belém.

Dating back to 1501, this monastery draws hoardes of tourists and travellers. Make sure that you take your time as you wonder through the centuries old quarters, marveling at the brilliant feat of immensely ornate architecture that is bound to leave you speechless.

attractions in Lisbon monastery

top Lisbon attractions

Alfama District

A staple of most Lisbon private tours, the Alfama District is the oldest part of the city. Compact and huddled together houses, serpentine alleys, winding cobbled streets all spread out on the slopes between the São Jorge Castle and the Tejo river play host to some of the most stunning mysterious nooks and Instagram worthy photo locations that you can find in this city. Walk around in this clean and safe medieval maze and soak in the breathtaking views that the old Lisbon has to offer. As you travel back in time through these lanes, keep an eye out for the remains of walls of the old city and hidden squares.

view of Lisbon from elevator

old shop front Lisbon

Elevador de Santa Justa

Enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of Lisbon from the Elevador de Santa Justa, a neo Gothic which plies between the Baixa district to the Largo do Carmo and the ruins of the Carmo church. Designed by Raoul Mesnier du Ponsard, a former of Gustave Eiffel, this elevator, which is more than a century old, has two old-fashioned cabins which take its riders up to a staggering height of nearly 150 feet, offering the most amazing views of the city.

Not only is the panoramic view absolutely mind blowing, simply the experience of riding a century old elevator up the steep mountain is an experience that you will absolutely cherish as well.

Elevador de Santa Justa

Tram 28

Your tour of Lisbon simply cannot be complete without a ride on the most romantic and iconic Tram 28, the most famous of all Lisbon attractions. Connecting Martim Moniz with Campo Ourique and passes through some of the most picturesque neighborhoods of Graca, Alfama, Baixa and Estrela.

A beautiful ride on a quaint yellow tram as it travels up the steep cobbled roads is an extremely romantic and nostalgic experience which you definitely must not miss out on. The charming Remodelado trams date back to the 1930s, and they are still an integral part of Lisbon’s public transport network, but the Tram 28 is not only the most famous, it is absolutely unique in its turns and gradients.

Lisbon tram 28

colourful tram on hill Lisbon

St George’s Castle

St George’s Castle is undoubtedly the most prominent landmark of Lisbon’s old historic center. Located in the old quarters, it stands tall and proud over the streets of the stunning Alfama District, the ancient citadel which was first constructed by the mighty Romans more than 2,000 years ago. Over the years has it been worked over by the subsequent rulers, from the Berbers to the Reconquista knights who ruled the city.

Walk through the grand gates and marvel at the mighty palisades and majestic crenulated towers which stand a testament to the glorious past. The encircling dry moat and other anti-siege features of the castle speak volumes about the strong citadel and the times it has seen.

st Georges castle Lisbon

Knights Templar tour

Take a day trip, away from the city and follow the Knights Templar on their journey, which at the point of their existence was shrouded in mystery and steeped with impenetrable secrets. Explore the history of Christian military sect which was a major force behind the notorious crusades during Europe’s Middle Ages. Visit the Almourol Castle, which was created by the Knights Templar, villages of Constância and Tomar and Convent Christ, currently a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Lisbon city at night

Lisbon is one of the most beautiful cities of the world where the old-world charm is still not unfazed by the modern life. To top it all, it is also offering tons of excellent and affordable hotels, restaurants, transport etc. which makes it such a travelers’ delight. This beautiful city is soaked in a rich history which the walls of the city bear testament to. Walking down the peaceful cobbled streets, lined by the beautiful buildings and the grandeur of the ancient monuments will make you fall in love with Lisbon over and over again.


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