A Perfect Weekend in Portland – Oregon’s Fun Foodie City

weekend in portland

Portland, Oregon is quickly becomes one of the coolest, most hipster cities in the US and is an absolute haven for foodies and beer lovers. Read out quick guide to a weekend in Portland to find the best places to stay, eat and play.

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Weekend in Portland: Our Quick Guide

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Where to stay in Portland

Portland has no shortage of hip places to rest your head at night. From ritzy downtown hotels to cabins in the wood and trendy tiny houses — Portland has some impressive accommodation options.

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Portland, look no further than these unique Portland gems:

Jupiter NEXT

A hip Portland hotel in a low-key neighborhood, Jupiter NEXT has “trendy” all over it. Unique art pieces in all the rooms, pet friendly and has bicycles for rent. A great hotel choice for your weekend in Portland.

Rustic Tiny Home

Join the tiny home movement and stay a few nights in this cozy and private tiny house! Only one block from from Woodlawn Park, this rustic tiny house will give you all the Portland vibes. Get $30 FREE Airbnb credit here.

Ace Hotel Portland

Rustic, edgy and quite “woodsy” — Ace Hotel Portland is close to all the city hotspots and has “home away from home” feels. Located in a historic building in downtown Portland, Ace Hotel Portland  makes for a great spot to rest up for all the food comas you’re about to experience.

What to eat in Portland

Portland is foodie central! Anything you crave in Portland, you’re bound to find it (but probably with some weird Portland twist).  If you’re spending a weekend in Portland, don’t leave without visiting these highly rated and well loved Portland foodie favorites.

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Voodoo Doughnuts

A Portland classic, Voodoo Doughnuts. There’s always a line out the door for a reason! Doughnuts topped with cereal, doughnuts topped with bacon and the popular Voodoo Doll doughnut filled with raspberry jelly.

With multiple locations around the city, there’s bound to be one near your hotel for a sugar-rush breakfast or late night snack!

One of the 500+ Food Carts

Why eat at a normal restaurant when you can eat from one of Portland’s 500 Street Food Carts? If you really want to immerse yourself in the Portland culture, you’ll eat 3-4 meals during your weekend at one of these food carts! This map shows where these mobile eateries are located throughout the city.

Some personal favorites are:

MFTasty (Mexican)

Kim Jong Grillin (Korean BBQ)

Matt’s BBQ


Enoteca Nostrana

Pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Okay, well they’re not open for breakfast but if they were, I’d be there. Nostrana is a beloved neighborhood Italian restaurant with homemade, fresh ingredients, sultry ambiance not to mention — stellar Italian food. Pasta, pizza, and meatballs — oh my! Be sure to order the Funghi verde pizza and thank me later.

Pine State Biscuits

This country-style eatery makes everyone’s “where to eat in Portland” list for a reason. Eating a biscuit smothered in sausage and gravy at Pine State Biscuits is a Portland rite of passage.

The sweet spot for scoring these buttery biscuits without waiting is waking up and heading over when they open at 7AM or well before 9AM. The early morning wake-up call is worth it. Try the Reggie — a biscuit sandwich with fried chicken, bacon, cheese and topped with gravy. Oh. My. Biscuits.


Salt and Straw

A foodie tour of Portland isn’t complete without Salt and Straw ice cream. But not just any ice cream, olive oil & honey lavender flavored ice cream. Or maybe other unique flavors like strawberry honey balsamic with black pepper.

The scoops at Salt and Straw make for a great dessert experience and you’ll never go back to plain chocolate and vanilla again. When you visit Portland, don’t forget to pack your sweet tooth — you’ll need it.

Taste Tickler

A sub a day keeps the doctor away. This hole-in-the-wall sub shop isn’t going look good on the ‘gram but will for sure make your stomach happy. You may have to squeeze into their tiny dining area to enjoy your sandwich but these New Jersey style subs are well worth it.

The friendliness of the staff is well worth a visit but the chicken teriyaki sub is what puts this place on the map for me!

Activities for a fun weekend in Portland

If you find yourself bored in Portland, you’re doing it wrong. Just walking around downtown makes for an interesting Portland day. Be sure to check out these spots during your weekend in Portland (when you’re not eating yourself through the city, of course).

Get lost in the International Rose Test Garden

Portland has no shortage of parks within its city limits. During April and October, the International Rose Test Garden is a must see. Spend the afternoon strolling through 7,000 rose bushes, each bush being a different color or type than the one next to it.  There’s a 99% chance you’ll catch a proposal in this romantic spot.

rose garden portland

weekend in portland

Drink some pints at one of Portland’s breweries

More microbreweries are operating in Portland than any other city in the world. That means this is the best city to go on a brewery tour, become a beer expert or just spend your entire time in Portland a little tipsy. A weekend in Portland isn’t complete without a Portland brew!

Play a round of blacklight mini golf

The somewhat unpredictable weather of Portland means you may be forced indoors during your trip. Have no fear, there’s plenty of indoor activities in Portland. Glowing Greens is an indoor, pirate-themed blacklight mini golf course. Head over after brunch or spend your evening here with friends.

Go berry picking at Kruger’s Farm

A little outside the Portland city center is the Kruger Farm, a 150 acre farm full of fresh produce. Head over for an afternoon of berry-picking, local honey tasting and some fresh air. The perfect little getaway from the city!

Spend an afternoon at the Saturday Market

If you find yourself in Portland on a Saturday, consider yourself lucky! Scroll through the Saturday Market — the largest continuously operating open-air arts and crafts market in the USA! Perfect for souvenirs and a peek into Portland’s art scene.

Take a Road Trip to Multnomah Falls

If you’re up for a nature adventure, pack up for the day and head out to Multnomah Falls. Oregon’s tallest waterfall and only a  40 minute drive outside of Portland! Perfect for a day of hiking and nature, this picture-perfect waterfall makes for the ideal day trip outside of Portland.

Experience a Roller Derby Bout

For a rough and tough evening, check out a roller derby bout and watch the Rose City Rollers. Watching the 2018 World Champion team is definitely a unique experience that doesn’t happen in every US city you visit. Check out their schedule here and grab tickets if they’ve got a match during your time in Portland!