Competition: Win A Safari to Tanzania With Yellow Zebra Safaris

If you read my exciting brand ambassadorship announcement last week here on my blog and on my Instagram, you’ll already know I’m thrilled to be an ambassador for Yellow Zebra Safaris.

As part of my ambassadorship, we’ve launched a competition for my blog readers and Instagram followers to win an all-expenses-paid safari trip to Tanzania! I’m going to share all the details on how to enter in this post below as well as a sample entry to give you some inspiration.

I know most of my best holidays of all time took place in East and Southern Africa, so I’m absolutely delighted to be involved in this competition and hopefully can give one of YOU guys this trip of a lifetime. You’ll never forget your first safari, and once you’ve stepped foot on the stunning African continent, you’ll return again and again. It steals a piece of your heart every time and is one of the most fascinating places to travel to in the world.

Prize details

First, let’s talk about the prize because WOW is it an incredible one. The competition winner will receive an all-inclusive trip to Tanzania to enjoy a luxury safari with Yellow Zebra Safaris. They are an award-winning adventure travel company and are African safari experts. You’ll be staying in beautiful, luxurious lodges – think plunge pools and dreamy outdoor bathtubs looking out onto safari plains.

The winner, with a plus one of their choosing, will be flown out to Tanzania next October for the famous wildebeest and elephant migrations in the Serengeti and Tarangire National Parks. It will be the absolute trip of a lifetime and you’ll be going on safari at a great time of the year.

While staying in luxury safari lodges is obviously a highlight, the main draw will be riding around in a safari vehicle and seeing hundreds of wild animals on their annual migration path. From zebras to giraffes, elephants, lions and wild buffalo – this East African adventure will be one you’ll never forget.

Who can enter

First of all, the competition is only open to people with a blog! The reason for this is that you need to write a blog post about your favourite holiday of all time as part of the competition entry process. It’s open to all bloggers in the UK, Ireland and the USA.

To enter, simply write a blog post about the best holiday you’ve ever been on (this can be your latest summer holiday or a holiday from a long time ago) and then make sure to mention that you’re entering the Yellow Zebra Safaris competition and explain why you would like to go on a Tanzanian safari, including a link to their Tanzania safari page.

Next, you must email it to Yellow Zebra Safaris – their email is [email protected] and then share it on Instagram using the hashtag #TanzaniaWithYZS.

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EXCITING NEWS!! I’m delighted to have been selected by @yellowzebrasafaris, Europe’s leading adventure travel and African safari company, to be one of their official blogger Ambassadors! My love of Africa and endless trips to South and East Africa is paying off in big ways. :-D As part of my ambassadorship, I’ll be running one of the best competitions I’ve ever done on my blog and Instagram – the chance to win a luxury safari trip to Tanzania!! #DreamTrip You can check out my blog (link in bio and stories) for more info on the competition, how to enter and photos of all the GORGEOUS lodges you get to stay in! Can’t believe one of you will win this once in a lifetime trip to Tanzania! TELL ME: Is it your dream to travel to Africa on safari?? #TanzaniaWithYZS #ad #yellowzebrasafaris

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Competition Dates

The competition is open from the 1st of October 2018 and entries will be closing October 31st. The winner will be announced by Yellow Zebra Safaris AND on my Instagram on 28th November. For more info on the competition, including judges and more about the prize, check out the official competition page.

Sample Entry Post: My Most Memorable Holiday 

Upon coming across an amazing blogger competition being run by Yellow Zebra Safaris to win a luxury safari to Tanzania, I simply had to enter by writing about my most memorable holiday of all time.

Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to travel to almost 100 countries around the world, meeting the most extraordinary people. While very different from the kind of holiday I would have in Africa with Yellow Zebra Safaris, one of my most memorable holidays of all time, was my trip to the island of Cozumel in Mexico with my friend Emily last year.

Everything about that holiday makes me smile. First off, Cozumel is a dreamy island off the coast of Mexico along the tropical Yucatan Peninsula. We were invited to spend 3 nights in an all-inclusive hotel there, with an in-room jacuzzi and insane sea views.

Having spent the first few days making the most of the resort’s many bars, restaurants and daily entertainment, we decided to venture a little further to explore the island. We decided to rent one of the very popular knock-off VW Beetle cars that tourists seem to love racing around the island in.

We named ours Senor Frog and despite the fact that he had no handbrake, a broken door, and a broken gear stick, we loved him more than any car in the world! We set off on a full day island adventure, circumnavigating the entire island, stopping off at beach bars, lighthouses, old ruins, national parks and anything that caught our interest along the way!

Senor Frog quickly became a legend, and even helped us to make many friends on our journey around the island. There’s nothing cooler than cruising along a coastal road, hair blowing in the wind, in a beat-up, bright green convertible VW!

As much fun as we had, and as hard as it might be to believe, we had even more fun the next day with a bright red convertible jeep that we rented for the day. As Emily and I are both as mad as each other, we followed the same route as the day before but decided to bring Alberto the Swan, my enormous inflatable pool floatie along for the ride. And we’re talking about one MASSIVE inflatable swan here.

He got the name Alberto as it was a fine man name Alberto, from a local diving school, who helped us inflate the thing for the first time. But that’s a story for another day! Once inflated, we literally had to physically tie him on to the back of our jeep and hold on to him for dear life as we sped along the coastal road laughing so hard our bellies ached and getting far more attention than we probably deserved!

Disaster struck en route home when the sky opened up the most torrential rain shower I’ve ever seen in my life started to pour down on us. As we were in a convertible, Alberto was the only shelter we had – and we were conscious of protecting out cameras, wallets, and drone more than anything else! Our wipers also ceased to work and puddles quickly turned to rivers as we attempted to drive home Ace Ventura style, with my head popped out the side window and Emily holding Alberto down as best she could.

I’ll never forget the look on the face of the rental car man who simply could not stop laughing at the sad state of the two of us, and our fast-deflating plastic swan!

What could have been a disaster trip for many is by far one of my most memorable holidays – and the reason I’ll probably return to Mexico again and again.

I’m pretty sure the only holiday that could possibly beat such an adventure would be a luxury safari in Tanzania with Yellow Zebra Safaris! It’s always been my dream to see the great migrations and as Africa is my favorite continent to travel to, it’s probably about time I discovered the Eastern shores!

What’s the most memorable holiday you’ve ever taken? Let me know in a comment or consider writing your own blog post to enter the competition!

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    October 3, 2018 at 7:46 pm

    Yaaaaas!!! Will deffo be entering What a prize!! But which trip to write about