Travel Video Recap: Week 1 #30DayVideoChallenge

travel video challenge

As part of my 30-day video challenge, which involves editing and uploading a travel video every day for 30 days, I want to share the videos here each week and hopefully give a little background to each one. Travel stories otherwise untold online!

In the first week of my 3-day video challenge, I brought my viewers to Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cyprus and Costa Brava in Spain Рseven totally different videos of my travel adventures over the past year.

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Travel Video 1: Summer Sledding in Switzerland

Background story: This was filmed on a recent press trip to Switzerland and, despite what the videos might portray, the weather was absolutely rubbish. The entire continent of Europe was experiencing a heatwave and in Switzerland, there were crazy rain and thunderstorms and even a freaking snow storm at the Top of Europe!

This was, to be fair, one of the only days with good weather and the excitement you see in the video is very genuine as Switzerland is one of my favourite countries in the world and I can’t help but smile every time I go back to the Swiss Alps.

Travel Video 2: Europe’s Highest Train Station

Background story: This was filmed on the same press trip as the above video, but as you can see was on one of the days when we were not so lucky with the weather. While it might be a fun video to watch, it was very VERY disappointing to travel by train for almost two hours, ascend 1,000’s of meters to the Top of Europe only to be greeted with a snowstorm and zero visibility. One of the coolest train journeys in the world, and while going through¬†Grindelwald was fun, we didn’t see much as the train travelled higher and higher!

Not shown in the video (my phone stopped working as it got covered in snow and I had a freakout!!) is the amazing chocolate shop where we all purchased our own weight in chocolate!

Travel Video 3: Shopping in Paphos, Cyprus

Background story: This was filmed on a 3-day press trip to Paphos, Cyprus with Ryanair. 5 hours on a Ryanair flight is TOO much and I’m honestly not sure I could recommend travelling that far just for a weekend trip! The weather was amazing though and this small Artist Co-Op was one of my favourite places in town – and home to THE BEST ice coffee I’ve ever tasted! Also not pictured or shown is Mary, our hilarious, mad enthusiastic, wacky tour guide who showed us the best of Paphos in 48 hours – including all her ex-boyfriends!

Travel Video 4: Aonang Cliff Beach Resort in Thailand

Background story: Thailand has always been one of my favourite countries in the world, and I love returning to this part in particular. I did a sponsored stay with the Aonang Cliff Beach Resort (along with almost all other bloggers I know as this hotel LOVES bloggers and their PR girl Jenna is the coolest person on earth), and made this video as a result. I got my own private villa with private pool – but I think they thought I was bringing a lover as it was all set up as if we were on our honeymoo with rose petals on the bed which i swifty wiped of!

Travel Video 5: Top Things To Do in Costa Brava, Spain

Background story: I was honestly never a big fan of Spain until my recent trip to Costa Brava. Not only am I now a convert, but I’ll be returning to the exact same spots again in just a few weeks!

Cycling through the medieval villages and visiting Mooma were probably the highlights of this trip although to be honest it was INSANELY packed with activities and restaurant visits, so much so that it was overwhelming and I was utterly exhausted and run down by the end of the week.

Travel Video 6: Top Things To Do in Paphos, Cyprus

Background story: This was filmed on the same press trip as shopping in Paphos video and I honestly have no idea how we managed to visit so many places, and make it look like we were there for a week, when in reality i was only in the counry of Cyprus for…48 HOURS!!

Travel Video 7: Exploring Jaffna, Sri Lanka’s Far North

Background story: Anyone who reads my blog will know Sri Lanka (alongsideSouth Africa!) is one of my favourite countries on earth, and I’ve been there on 3 separate trips. This one was extra special as we travelled to the far North and got to explore many regions that most tourists ignore.

Again though, it was unbelievably exhausting as we traversed the ENTIRE country from North to South in 10 days which was a bit much!

So, what do you think of my 30-day video challenge? What destinations would you like to see videos about next?