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5 Adventure Holidays in Thailand To Add To Your Bucket List

5 Adventure Holidays in Thailand To Add To Your Bucket List

Thailand has long been one of my favourite countries in the world. I put off going for many years as I thought it was “too touristy” but once I set foot on the Thai islands 5 years ago I was converted! The country is by far one of the best and most exciting destinations in SouthEast Asia, without all the visa issues! With exciting attractions in the big cities, ancient ruins and temples, amusement parks, tropical beaches, idyllic islands and endless tours and excursions to choose from, planning your Thailand holiday itinerary can be quite a challenge! Here are five amazing adventure holidays in Thailand to add to that never ending bucket list and help plan your trip.

5 Amazing Adventure Holidays in Thailand

Scuba Diving in Koh Tao

Take swimming to the next level and learn how to scuba dive in the deep, crystal clear waters of Koh Tao. It is one of the best beaches in Thailand with stunning, vivid corals and tropical fish. On top of all the scuba diving fun, you get to interact with new people and probably even make friends.

The hostels here are some of my favourites in SouthEast Asia and it’s never difficult too find a dive buddy or two. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about capturing the scenic underwater seascape because there is always standby professional underwater photographer to get those dreamy shots! Once you’re done diving for the day, check out what the rest of the island has to offer including boat tours, hikes, renting scooters and of course watching the sunset with a nice cocktail on Sairee beach.

Cost: €100 – €250 for a 1 to 4 day scuba course.


Hot Air Balloon ride in Chiang Mai

Glaring at the sun as it rises upon Chiang Mai will, without doubt, tickle your excitement. Strolling through this mountainous city is a wonderful experience but gliding through the sky over the city is even more satisfying. You can opt for a private balloon ride or choose a group to make it more fun. The hot air balloon ride lasts for around one hour and begins at 6am.

Once your done, it’s breakfast time and it a city famous for its amazing cafes, there is no shortage of choice and quality. My favourite is a dessert cafe, but you might want to wait later in the day for that! If you’re up north and want somewhere unique and eco-friendly to stay, these resorts are a good place to start looking.

Cost: Around €220 per person in a shared sunrise balloon ride.


Stay in a Party Hostel

Whether you are visiting Thailand for a short, wild weekend or if it is a three-month backpacking, you can really have a great time staying in a party hostel. This is one of those activities you will want to be revved up for so if you just want to have a chill time and sleep, a party hostel may not be a good place for you. Do your research well and find an affordable party hostel that’s right for you.Bangkok is FULL of them, but if you want the full Thai party scene experience, thena trip to Koh Phangan during a Full Moon Party is a must. Adventure? For sure!! This is one of the adventure holidays in Thailand you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Maybe. ;-)

COST: As low as $5 a night!

Koh Tao Pub Crawl / Thailand

Take a Boat Trip Along the Mekong River

Nothing beats boat trips down the Mekong River, especially if they involve passing floating markets and passing by the lush green vegetation along its banks. You can opt for short speedboat rides or longer cruises, with different cruise lengths at your disposal. Also, the cruises differ in terms of luxury and safety so, be sure to do lots of research depending on what you’re looking for.

The best time to take these boat trips is between November and February, while the worst time is from February to April when water levels are dangerously low.

bangkok river market

floating market in thailand

Join a Backpacking Tour

Joining a backpacking tour is a brilliant way to meet the locals and dive in headfirst into their way of life. You get the opportunity to tour different cities in Thailand while catching the best of their exotic wildlife, islands, history, and cultures. Best part yet, you get to experience all this with other adventurous travellers. What an amazing way to meet like-minded people and make amazing memories together. You might even get on so well that you decide to continue travelling together.

There is of course the option to go backpacking solo, and trying to meet friends along the way, but sometimes it’s just easier and more fun to join a group and have a guaranteed party crew with you at all times!


So, what would be your ideal adventure holiday in Thailand? Or are you more or a “relaxing on the beach” kinda traveller?!