How To Find And Book Cheap Flights Anywhere In The World

I like to think finding and booking cheap flights is a bit of a secret weapon. I’ve been blessed with this amazing skill for many years now and I never fail to surprise even myself when I find yet another amazing cheap flight deal.

While I’ve been very vocal in the past about where my allegiance lies when it comes to finding and booking cheap flights, these days I’ve started testing out a few new sites and I’ve been trying to pick up new flight booking secrets from my travel blogging wizard friends!

First let’s look at the absolute basic rules that apply to booking cheap flights.

Basic Rules For Booking Cheap Flights

1. Be flexible!

Almost all the best flight deals I’ve found are as a result of being totally flexible with the date and time that I fly. I just purchased a flight home from Cape Town, South Africa to Dublin, Ireland for €250 simply because I was totally flexible. I knew I wanted to leave mid April but wasn’t too fussed about a specific date. I looked on a few flight comparison sites, and eventually discovered that flights on April 23rd were up to €300 cheaper than other dates!

2. Think outside the box

Think about how you can get to your final destination without flying there direct. Is there another, smaller airport an hour away that could save you a few hundred euro? What about your departure airport? If I searched for flights from Cape Town to Cork (where I live in Ireland) the price was €500. Flights to Dublin, however, which is just a 4 hour bus ride from Cork, were only €250. That’s a massive difference and ideal if you’re willing to to spend 4 hours and €20 on a bus and instead of an extra €250 on a direct flight.

3. Consider a short stop over

Sometimes splitting a long haul flight into two sections can work out WAY cheaper than trying to book direct or even connecting flights to your final destination. For example, a flight from Ireland to Bali might be €700. A flight from Ireland to Kuala Lumpur, however, might only cost €300. Then an onward flight to Bali might be only €50. So it’s actually WAY cheaper to fly to Malaysia first, maybe spend a few days exploring the city, then fly onwards to Bali, then flying there direct.

Stay Updated On Cheap Flights Deals

Flight comparison sites

There are many great flight comparison sites to choose from and while most people have a favourite you might be better off checking a few of them. Just remember the rules above when searching for that perfect cheap flight! I always us Skyscanner!

Email newsletters

You can sign up to some really great email newsletters which are sent out daily or weekly (depending on your preference) with details of flight deals, flight errors, airline sales and many other tips and tricks to help you land that cheap flight. Check out “Scott’s Cheap Flights” newsletter, Skyscanner, Momondo, Airfare Watchdog, Kayak, Secret Flying, The Flight Deal and of course airlines own newsletters.

Flight deal websites

There are lots of independently run flight deal websites such as Secret Flying and Scott’s Cheap Flights which list great flight deals, error prices releases by airlines by mistake and some alarmingly cheap connections on long haul flights.


Sounds mad but there are actually books out there to help you get the hang of booking cheap flights. A friend and fellow blogger, Jen, released one recently that you should check out called “The Affordable Flight Guide” on Amazon.

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