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Staying Fit While Traveling – Tips From An Eternal Nomad

Staying fit while traveling can be a huge challenge for many travellers. The lack of routine, the wide range of food to try and the party nights are indeed simple reasons why it makes it harder to stay fit. Many travellers still find ways to stay in shape when they are abroad and even though it’s not that easy we all have a lot of respect for them, don’t we?

If you’re planning a trip soon and you are worried about staying fit, here a list of tips and tricks to keep in mind to make sure you make your health a priority in the middle of the travel chaos.

Staying Fit While Traveling


Walking may seem like a simple option but it does work! Instead of spending so much money on public transportation, walking everywhere has two main benefits. The first one is that it allows you to discover a new city with a different pace while people watching. The second one is that it keeps you fit. You should not minimize the power of walking.


If walking seems to be too slow for you, another great alternative is jogging in the morning or right before sunset while it’s not too hot! It’s surely a great activity to put into your daily routine to stay fit abroad. The main benefit of jogging is that you don’t have to organize a run to make it happen! Imagine running on the beach every morning, does it sound that bad?!


Hiking is definitely a great way to stay fit abroad. You probably won’t go on hikes every day, but if it’s part of your travel itinerary, it can’t hurt can it? Hiking mountains, volcanoes or trekking through the jungle is a cool way to experience adventure travel while enjoying a different perspective. Imagine sitting on top of the mountain while looking at the sunrise. It seems like a great reward, doesn’t it?

Outdoor Gyms

Many countries are getting into outdoor gyms, which are free. It allows you to work out at any time without breaking the bank and while working on your holiday tan.

Another alternative to the outdoor gym could be a simple work out at your hostel. Some training routines don’t require you a lot of equipment. I’ve seen many travellers doing set up and push up routines in the hostel backyard. Basically, finding a workout routine you can do anywhere at any time could keep you fit! Huge Instagrammers like @jackson.groves swear by outdoor gyms, especially in beautiful places like Bali!


Yoga is a challenging sport but it’s also great for its benefits such as relaxation. Yoga studios exist in many countries and gyms but it’s also possible to learn some of the basics and then practice yoga on your own. A daily yoga routine is a great way to stay fit abroad and this is also why many travellers will opt for a yoga retreat at some point in their holidays! So many bloggers I know are big fans of Yoga and have practiced all over the world, wherever they travel!


Similar to yoga, Crossfit is also a sport you can practice in many other countries. Of course, practicing Crossfit isn’t easy at all and you have to be quite fit already to be able to follow the sessions, but it is definitely an awesome and yet challenging way to stay fit during your travels. There are now Crossfit gyms all over the world and there always seems to be a local box you can drop into on your travels. my friend Joy has done Crossfit in so many places and now she helps people get fit in Phuket, Thailand!



If swimming is a great way to keep your body moving, I’d say surfing is even better! The good thing about surfing is that you don’t even have to be good at it to stay fit. Paddling out is already such a challenge that it’s one of the best ways to keep your body active. Of course, taking surfing lessons or going to a surf camp (like this one I did in Morocco) will definitely help you get better at this challenging sport!

Eating Healthy

A travelling routine isn’t necessarily a healthy routine. People seem to eat and drink a lot more when they are on holidays or travelling long term. Nowadays, it’s a lot easier to find healthy alternatives when it comes to eating…especially in digital nomad paradises such as Bali! In many destinations you can find amazing salads, smoothie bowls, vegetarian/vegan options as well as organic juices. The options are out there, you simply have to make the right decisions. There are also, of course, many different types of diets you can try out and heaven knows i’ve tried too many of them. You can find out which is better here.

You could also cut the alcohol of your diet or at least slow down your consumption to avoid the extra unnecessary calories.

What to keep in mind to stay fit while traveling

Staying fit during your travels can be super easy or quite challenging depending on your level of motivation or current fitness status! It’s all about building a constant routine when your routine is completely different.

  • Staying active doesn’t require equipment. As mentioned previously, walking, jogging, hiking or getting into a workout routine doesn’t require much organization or equipment.
  • Your eating/drinking habits will play an important role in your fitness. You might want to try to keep it healthy even though your taste buds are craving something different! It’s all about discipline, isn’t it?
  • Consistent. Keeping it consistent is one of the main things you have to keep in mind. If you want to see progress you have to stick to a routine.


Thursday 29th of March 2018

great tips - i'm not a cross-fit person, but the walking and hiking certainly on my list )

Janet newenham

Thursday 29th of March 2018

Yea I wouldn't be a Crossfit person either - but walking, hiking and surfing I love!

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