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While hostels used to be my favourite places to stay, as I’ve gotten older hotels and Airbnb would definitely be my new preference. Airbnb has been a total game changer in the travel sector, and has made it so much easier for travellers to stay long term in cool destinations around the world. If you’ve never used Airbnb before, you can sign up using my free Airbnb coupon code which will give you a €35 discount off your first stay with Airbnb.

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Why I Love Airbnb

If you’ve never stayed at an Airbnb, you might be a bit nervous about signing up, so I thought I would explain why I love using Airbnb so much and show you some of the insanely beautiful Airbnb I have stayed at or come across around the world. In fact, Airbnb is one of my favourite topics to write about on this blog and I’ve written Airbnb guides to Ireland, Bali, Aruba and even the Maldives. That’s right, you can stay in an Airbnb in paradise for a fraction of a luxury hotel!

– Cheaper than hotels

Airbnb is almost always cheaper than staying in a hotel and yet often you get the same incredible hotel-like experience. In Bali, the cool Airbnb I stayed at had a private pool, double rooms with ensuite bathrooms that were cleaned every day, a free breakfast on the patio and they even arranged airport transfers and bike rental if needed. The Airbnb I stayed at in the Maldives cost just €40 night…a hotel on the same island was about €400 a night. Big difference!


– Mixing with locals

Airbnb is great for meeting and mixing with locals. If you don’t need your own place, you can simply rent an Airbnb room in someones own home. I did this while travelling around the United States and met some amazing people. I stayed at one incredible Airbnb in Nashville, Tennessee and the owners (who lived in the house) gave me so many great tips on the best bars and restaurants to check out in the city – and even some tips on places to avoid.

– Perfect for group travel

While I, as a solo traveller, use Airbnb all the time, I think it’s best for group travel. If you’re heading away with a group of friends, it really brings the cost down and means you can find THE most amazing places to stay for a fraction of a hotel and sometimes even less than a hostel. You can rent out an entire castle or old school in Ireland, rent a yurt in Zion National Park or a villa with a private pool in Bali…some even come with a private chef! Even if I am travelling with just one friend, we nearly always go straight for an Airbnb as we can totally unpack, chill out and just have a place to call our own for a few days.

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– A place to live

Many long term travellers and digital nomads rely heavily on Airbnb to find a place to live. it’s the first place I checked in both Bali and Cape Town. The trick is to either book by the month (they tend to give a 10% or more discount for long term stays) or book a few nights and then try bargain with the owner for a better deal for booking direct. The choice of villas and apartments is phenomenal – I don’t know what I would do without Airbnb!


– Make money with Airbnb

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