Visiting Serbia in 2020: Why It Needs To Be On Your Bucket List

If you’re looking for a great place to travel to in 2020, here’s why we think visiting Serbia should be top of your list. We think that you’ll be surprised and intrigued by what this smallish country in the Balkans has to offer. Your first question may be “Where the heck is Serbia anyway?” followed by “what is there to see in Serbia?” Well, you may be familiar with it’s more popular neighbours like Romania, Croatia, and Hungary.

Serbia is sandwiched in between these along with Bulgaria, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Hopefully, that helps you picture it on a map.

Now, to answer the second question: What can you do there? You can explore fortresses, eat some great tasting food, find great accommodations for a great price, learn about the country’s complex history, marvel at the unique architecture, enjoy a relaxing family getaway or romantic time with your partner wine tasting and dining on the Danube. By the way, there are also some tremendous adventurous outdoor activities. Serbia has a bit of everything for just about any type of traveler! So, what’s going to provoke you to travel to Serbia in 2018?

Why Visiting Serbia Is A Must

It’s An Affordable European Getaway

Serbia isn’t cheap but what you get for your money is excellent! The quality of food and types of restaurants that you can enjoy alone save you a ton of money when compared to other European destinations like France. From personal experience, I would say that meals of equal value at similar types of restaurants cost between a third to half of the price less than they would in the United States.

Being able to have a pleasant dining experience when you are on vacation or holiday is a great thing, but not having to stress about the cost is a bonus that can really make your trip that much more relaxing.

Additionally, accommodations in Serbia tend to be economical as well. For instance, we paid less than $100 per night for a very nice hotel room located right in the city center of Belgrade. Being the capital city, this would be the most “expensive” place, and yet that is not the case. In A smaller city, like Novi Sad, our spacious Airbnb apartment (again, walking distance to the town square) was only $25 a night! Need a cheap break? Visiting Serbia won’t break the bank!

It’s Totally Underrated

With so much over-tourism happening in so many destinations around the world, it’s always a good idea to find places that are more under-the-radar. Not only does it help ease the heavy traffic to popular spots, but it also gives the visitor a more peaceful and genuine experience.

Summertime can be a crazy time to travel to some places. Not Serbia, though! The temperatures were absolutely wonderful and not having to deal with large crowds everywhere we went was a breath of fresh air.

We’ve all been there, that moment when you almost regret going somewhere because having to stand in line for every attraction and being suffocated by a sea of people surrounding you just sucks the fun out of even the coolest places.

When you visit Serbia, you’re going to have so much to see and do without sacrificing your time in traffic and long lines, and you don’t have to worry about missing out on something because you didn’t book it months in advance! If you’re looking for an under the radar destination for 2018, then visiting Serbia is a must!

The Food, The Beer, The Wine!

If you’re a foodie, like us, you’ll be very happy with the food options in Serbia. Being an Eastern European country, the dishes are a bit meat heavy, so this aspect may not be appetizing for vegetarian and vegan travelers. For us meat-lovers, however, every meal was satisfying. We looked forward to what we could try next, and it never failed to satisfy our bellies!

The beer and wine in Serbia is yet another added bonus of visiting. We enjoyed wine with every meal and absolutely loved it! Not to mention, the tasty beverages didn’t come with a very high price tag. There were several occasions we enjoyed a night out with friends drinking cold crisp pale lagers in the warm summer evenings.

I bet you didn’t know that Serbia would be a great place to go for wine tasting! The country has some amazing “wine routes,” and wine tours are available for visitors who have a fondness for wine. So, go try the internationally acclaimed Serbian wines before the word gets out!

visiting serbia food

Lots of Nature

Canyons, rivers perfect for rafting, nature reserves, mountain ranges and national parks are plentiful in Serbia. There are also several small parks around as well. The outdoorsy types are bound to enjoy some of the alfresco activities available in Serbia.

The Uvac Reserve is a sight to see! With a river that shares its name meandering through the valleys, creating the most picturesque landscape

The Fruška Gora, The Đerdap National, The Kopaonik,  The Tara make up the five national parks of Serbia that give the ones in the US a run for their money! The fantastic beauty of the many lakes, meadows, and forests are waiting in Serbia for you to discover.

It’s A Family Friendly Getaway

Just looking around in the main square of Novi Sad, it was more than obvious to me that this is an excellent destination for families. The children playing in the parks and in the town squares with their parents close by, chatting and enjoying time with their friends gave me an impression of wholesome, fun, and enjoyment.

The fact that it’s also pretty easy to get around makes it suitable for families as well. With prices in the city center being so fair, it’s easy to stay where the action is, making it convenient to walk around. Not having to get the little ones packed up to ride around in vans or buses makes a huge difference for the parents who are looking to get some relaxation.

With attractions being close to your hotel or Airbnb, it’s easy to get back and rest a bit, giving the kids a chance to relax can reduce the tantrums and result in a less stressful family vacation.

That isn’t to say that there aren’t plenty of opportunities for romantic endeavors for couples. Dining on the Danube, going for a stroll in the park, enjoying some wine and people watching can all be experienced whether you’re visiting Svetozar Miletic Square in Novi Sad or Republic Square in Serbia’s capital, Belgrade.

novi sad - visiting serbia

There are so many reasons to visit Serbia. Our favourite part was the value we got out of our trip. It was an economical vacation for us but it didn’t feel like we had to pinch our budget. You can eat and drink well on your trip to Serbia and not sacrifice quality for the sake of saving money. The cute town squares, lively cities, romantic landscapes are also great reasons to put Serbia on your 2018 bucket list of places to see!

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Taiss and Rob are sushi and Pho lovers who grew up in Northern California. Before quitting their jobs and becoming location independent entrepreneurs, Taiss worked in the hospitality industry for about 15 years and Rob was and accountant. A month after they got married, they decided to start their own online business and move to Thailand. Since then, they have also lived in Bali and plan to live in as many different places around the world as possible.They started a travel blog, Together To Wherever, dedicated to sharing their experiences of living abroad and traveling (sometime with their cat!). Follow them on Instagram or Facebook.

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    Serbia is really wonderful and totally affordable! we’re going back again this year and going to explore even more of it! Thanks for this!