How Nustay Is Shaking Up The Luxury Hotels Market

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Fancy staying in one of the top luxury hotels in Bali for less than half the price you would normally pay? There’s a new online booking site shaking up the travel scene called Nustay and everyone who loves a good discount really needs to check out! I’m delighted to join the Nustay team as one of their #NustayExplorers, and as part of this I’m taking on the challenge to see how big their luxury hotel discounts really are!

Can Nustay really beat the big guys?

So, what IS Nustay? is an online booking site for luxury hotels, with a difference. Nustay aims to give travellers looking for luxury stays much better booking rates, by offering the hotels a way to submit unique offers to each individual guest, either manually or automatically. They offer a service focused on matching the luxury hotel with what they call a ‘best match’ guests. In other words, they find the perfect guest for the hotel and match them up.

But does Nustay work?

It seems every second week a new hotel site pops up claiming to offer much bigger discounts than the standard or rates. I decided to test it out here in Bali, a top honeymoon destination and one known for its unbelievable selection of luxury hotels, to see how big these discounts really are.

The first difference I noticed when making my search query with Nustay was that I was able to select the type of holiday / stay I was looking for. From business to shopping, family holidays or a romantic stay, you can let the site know the exact type of holiday you’re on so they can best match you with a hotel that meets your needs.



Let’s be honest, if I’m booking a party trip with the girls, I don’t want to be told to “keep the noise down” at 9pm due to many young children sleeping. I’m sure the same goes for couples on a romantic break, hoping to avoid the screams of young children by the pool!

They will help you find a quiet business hotel, a family-friendly vacation spot for you and your kids, or the perfect stay close to all the action if you’re looking for a holiday that involves non stop partying and shopping!

The next things to consider is that Nustay is only allowed to sell the discounted rooms to people who are a “member” of their site. This means that before your search results show up, you’ll need to give them your email and create a quick password, which takes no longer than 30 seconds.

Once registered, the search results page will give you a quick idea of the discounts you can expect to find. It gives you the Nustay price and the average market price side by side, and an indication of how much you’re saving and also how busy / booked the destination you’re looking at is for those dates. Probably because this could affect the level of discounts offered.

Finally something to keep in mind is that all offers appear to only be valid for a limited time, and after a few minutes the offers expire and you will need to refresh your search.

Putting Nustay to the test

One of the first search results that came up was the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Nusa Dua, Bali. This is a pretty well known property in Bali and is a top 5 star hotel The Nustay price comes in at €125 per night, while the price comes in at €133. comes in at €132. Not a huge discount, but definitely cheaper.

The 5 star Fairmont Hotel Sanur is priced on €149 on Nustay, while it comes in at the “discounted” price of €182 per night on €183 on That’s a massive €33 difference per night!

I decided to check one last luxury hotel, to confirm that Nustay does appear to always be cheaper than other booking sites for luxury hotel stays.

The Anatara Hotel Chain is very well known across Asia with top hotels in Bali, Maldives and Bali. Their Bali property is no doubt a top honeymoon destination, and the cheapest price quoted for one night on Nustay is €226. The same room on the same dates on is almost €300!

I’m not sure what sort of amazing wizardry Nustay have going on behind the scenes (big data, perhaps?!) but they certainly seem to have a knack for matching people with the right type of hotels to suit their needs, and finding luxury hotel stays at discounted prices. If you have not heard of it already, I highly recommend checking it out and signing up today. Luxury hotels for everyone!

As I’m currently working on a bumper “Top Honeymoon Destinations for 2018” guide, I’ll be sure to check back with Nustay to see if all the hotels I’ve been recommended to include are cheaper there or on the usual booking sites. **Watch this space** 

Have you used Nustay to book anything? Would love to hear about your experiences!