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Three Spiritual Destinations Beyond Eat, Pray, Love

Three Spiritual Destinations Beyond Eat, Pray, Love

Travelling can often be a spiritual experience. By stepping out of your comfort zone, embracing a new culture and connecting with different ideas, it’s possible to revitalise your mind and, if you’re that way inclined, your soul. As I am currently in Bali, one of the world’s premier spiritual destinations, I thought it would be interesting to outline some of the most spiritual travel destinations in the world…beyond Eat, Pray, Love! Using the term in its broadest sense (because we all know i’m not that clued in!!), here are three places that will have as much of an impact on your mind as your body. Enjoy! Feature Image: IMG5153” (Public Domain) by kaurkangur

Top Spiritual Travel Destinations


Tibet” (CC BY 2.0) by Göran Höglund (Kartläsarn) They say that nothing in life worth having ever comes easy and that’s certainly true when it comes to Tibet. A Chinese province (or so say the Chinese!!) located in a remote region of the Himalayas, Tibet could be one of the most spiritual travel destinations on earth. After Buddhism reached Tibet in the seventh century, the Dalai Lama and the Panchen Lama have been revered as fonts of wisdom and knowledge. Today, as well as those who reside in the region, travellers from around the world now head to Tibet in search of enlightenment…if they can get a visa that is! In between trips to Namtso Lake, visitors typically take in the myriad of monasteries, including Samye, Drepung, and Tashi Lhunpo.

Cassadaga, Florida, US

physic in florida bulletin.JPG” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Lyndi&Jason Bet you didn’t expect to see Florida on this list!! If you’re looking for a world beyond our own but don’t what to (or can’t afford to) leave the USA, Cassadaga in Florida is the place to go. Colloquially known as the psychic capital of the world, this small incorporated community is home to mediums of all shapes and sizes. As well as church services, residents offer workshops, readings, and spiritual guides for newbies and experienced physics. Before your trip, it’s probably worth connecting with the spirit world if you’ve never done it before. As well as brushing up on the fundamentals of mediumship, TheCircle’s online psychic database will put you in touch with a local reader. Using the rating system, you can actually find someone that will happily walk you through the reading process so that you can get the most out of your time in Cassadaga.

Assisi, Italy

Basilica di San Francesco, Assisi” (CC BY 2.0) by Andy Hay The home of St. Francis, Assisi allows you to embrace spirituality on a religious level. Built around a holy spring, the Italian town sits in the shadows of Monte Subasio and is a place of pilgrimage for Catholics. Alongside the religious artefacts, the town offers the stylish Mediterranean charm that Italy is renowned for. For those wanting to connect with Assisi’s spiritual side, the Simple Peace retreat is a fantastic option. Visiting a retreat will allow you to learn more about the region through various guides as well as experience it first-hand through walks, meditations, and ritualistic movement sessions. Regardless of whether you’re a diehard spiritualist or an open-minded sceptic, there’s something to be said for visiting a place that aims to stimulate something more than the body. Indeed, when you visit a place with spiritual connotations, you often find that, at the very least, you’ll experience a level of serenity that’s often lost in the hustle and bustle of modern life. This, in many respects, is the main reason you should think about taking a trip to one of our recommended spiritual destinations. Another AMAZING place to visit in Italy in the Cinque Terre – a world heritage site consisting of 5 villages on a cliff edge!