Christmas Gift Guide For Travel Lovers – UPDATED 2020

gift guide travel lovers

Love to travel, or looking for that perfect gift for a travel lover in your life? Here’s my Christmas Gift Guide 2017 full of fun ideas and travel essentials for anyone who loves to travel. As a full time backpacker and professional travel blogger, this is what I would be asking Santa for…

Gift Guide For Travel Lovers

Experiences, not THINGS

Want to give the gift of an experience instead of a physical gift this Christmas, in order to be a little more eco conscious but also to give a loved one the gift of CHOICE?

Tinggly is a company that offers amazing virtual (and physical) experiences boxes whereby the receiver can choose from hundreds of Bucket List Experiences around the world, be it driving a Ferrari, wine-tasting on a cruise in New York City or a desert safari in Doha.

Depending on where your friend or family member is travelling to next, they can book the bucket list experience of their choice with their Tinggly gift voucher – a voucher that DOES NOT EXPIRE.

tingly Christmas gift

Technology and Gadgets

GoPro Hero 7

I’m currently using the GoPro Hero 7 AND IT IS by far THE BEST action camera on the market. GoPro have been improving their products year on year, and their latest offering is an incredible professional level underwater and action camera that can actually shoot in raw and has in-built stabilisation.  

This means that post production editing of photos and video can be taken to a whole new level. GoPro’s make for ideal gifts, are easy to use, waterproof and shock proof and are a fun, and super compact, camera for travel.

Sony Alpha Mirrorless Camera

Sony Alpha cameras are all the rage at the moment, with every travel blogger I know having either bought one already or adding it to their never ending wish list of tech and gadgets. Sadly, these bad boys don’t come cheap and thanks to their high demand prices don’t seem to be dropping too much. You can get a bargain on older models, but right now everyone has their eyes firmly and the absolutely beautiful Sony Alpha 7R ii which will set you back over £2,000. 

Pacsafe Travelsafe

I don’t have one of these YET but my friend Ian is travelling with one of these Pacsafe travelling safes and it looks like a total life saver. Essentially you can put all your small and most valuable possessions into this pouch and then lock it to to the heaviest most indestructible thing in your hotel room or dorm to ensure nothing gets stolen. You can also lock it to yourself or to a bigger bag when travelling, to keep your stuff close and safe. This is a MUST for anyone planning a backpacking trip!

DJI OSMO Mobile Gimbal

The DJI OSMO Mobile gimbal is on my wish list this Christmas. In fact I just bought it for myself as an early Christmas present! No point in waiting around for others to buy you your wish list!! This is one of the hottest products of the year when it comes to filming devices. The perfect gift for anyone who is keen to make more videos, be it for their blog, YouTube or Facebook page or to just play around with. The DJI OSMO Mobile allows you to create flawless footage of your travels on the go, stabilizing your footage as your walk, run, cycle or take boat rides – it will stabilize any sort of motion!

DJI Mavic Pro

The DJI Mavic Pro is one of the best drones on the market and is the absolute top choice for those who love to travel. Loved for its compact size and how easy it is to use, this amazing hobby drone shoots professional video in 4K and is a travel lovers dream gift. I bought one in September and it’s the one thing I could never travel without…besides my phone! Read about all top 3 drones tried and tested here.

LifeProof Smartphone Case

As someone who has had to buy two new iPhones in less than 6 months, I probably need this case more than anyone else! If you, or someone you’re looking to buy a gift for, is in the habit of always dropping their phone, this is the ideal gift! This phone case will protect your case from water, dirt and of course shock in case you drop it!

Gift Guide For Travel Lovers: Books, Glorious Books!

What better gift to buy a travel lover than a book about travel? Some of the world’s best known travel bloggers have actually recently become published authors, so here are 4 great travel books written by my fellow blogger friends.

How To Travel The World on $50 A Day

This book on how to travel the world on $50 a day was written by the world’s number one travel blogger, Matt Kepnes from Nomadic Matt. If anyone knows how to travel on a budget it’s this guy!

How NOT To Travel The World

My sister actually bought me this book for Christmas two years ago. Back then I had not known the author was also a travel blogger but I really enjoyed her hilarious tales from the roam and could not understand how someone who was SUCH a disaster and so scared of everything could actually leave home and travel the world. Written by Lauren Juliff, her blog is also worth checking out!

From Excuses To Excursions – How I Started Travelling The World

Another gem of a travel book by fellow blogger Gloria Atanmo from The Blog Abroad. Gloria is a brilliant, and hilarious, travel writer, and her book tells the tale of how she left the USA in favour of a life of travel.