Weird Things I Do On Planes

I hope the title of this post wasn’t mistaken for some sort of click bait. Sorry to disappoint you, but the weird things I (and maybe others) do on planes is a bit more PC than what you might be thinking!! Every time I fly (and I just took my 6th flight in 2 weeks!!) these thoughts always go through my head and I always wonder if I’m the only weirdo out there that does weird things on planes…or if maybe, just maybe, there are others just like me! Here we go….

I watch other people’s movies. 

Don’t ask me why but even after I have carefully chosen what movie I want to watch, I seem to end up listening to my own movie but my eyes wander between the screen on the seat in front of me, the screen to my left or right or some random screen two aisles away. Sometimes I even wish I could hear their movie instead of mine. I have no clue about the psychology behind this. Maybe the grass is always greener and I think their movie choice is better. Or maybe I’m just super curious (ahem nosey) and interested in other people’s movie choice. Oh man even as I write this, Macbook open on my small tray table, I’m watching the man in front of me watch “The Book of Henry”. I’m not even watching him. I can’t see his tears. Although I bet his crying. That movie is an absolute tearjerker. Which brings me to my next weird move….

I cry. 

Is it just me or do other people always seem to cry on long flights? Okay, so I know it’s partly to do with the fact that I always end up watching the most depressing movies, the saddest ones on the flight, ones that tug right down deep at your heartstrings. But why do I choose these? Why would I WANT to cry on the plane? Also, sometimes, even when Im not watching a movie I cry. I admit it, I’m a crier in general. Or at least I used to be. It’s especially bad if I’m just listening to music and a certain song triggers a good or bad memory, I sing along quietly to myself as tears run down my face, and I really don’t seem to care if anyone notices!

My thoughts go in overdrive. 

Again, I can’t explain it, but on super long flights or super long bus or train rides, I tend to question my very existence. I question my life choices and I’m very hard on myself for any bad decisions I think I’ve made. I wonder what on earth I’m doing with my life, I wonder if i’m going anywhere. I think about past relationships and question what went wrong. I compare myself to others and then I go make big, crazy life plans. Yes, all on a short 8 hour flight journey. The mind does crazy things in confined spaces!

My feet need to go up

This might be because I’m tall and my legs are always so cramped on airplanes, and there’s never enough room to stretch out properly (they’re in the way if I put them in the aisle and I prefer window seats anyway). I have this weird little system where I ask for 1 or 2 extra pillows that the airline hands out, and I shove them inside the seat pocket directly in front of me and then rest my feet on my newly created little platform. I literally can’t deal with watching a movie, sleeping or even being on the flight unless my legs are up in some sort of awkward position. Anyone else do this?!

I watch the same movie. Twice.

This has to do with my highly addictive personality and, surprisingly, my unwillingness to try new things. Anyone that knows me very well (Ian, here’s looking at you!!) will know that Bones is pretty the only TV show I’ll watch online and I’ll re-watch episodes again and again AND again. If I’m on a flight and there’s only 1 or 2 (sad) movies that I like, I’ll just pick one and watch it twice. As in I’ll watch it, listen to music for an hour, then watch it again. God I’m weird. “Gifted” and “The Book of Henry” have both been watched 3 times in the last week. Thanks to Gulf Air and its crap limited selection of depressing movies.

I only eat the bread, butter and cheese

I’m not a big fan of airplane food. Who is? But I won’t even OPEN those tiny salad or dessert boxes. YUCK. I’ll maybe take a few bites of the hot food but mainly I’m all about that hot bread roll, crackers, butter and cheese. So much so that I’ll happily and fearlessly ask my neighbour in the seat next to me if i can have theirs. They usually oblige in return for my salad and dessert. My last flight I didn’t even have to ask. The Thai women looked at me just eating the bread and cheese, smiled with a sort of look of pity in her eyes, and handed over her bread roll. There are good people in this world!

I listen to seriously old school music

I have no idea why but on long flights I only really like to listen to super old classic rock like The Eagles or Simon and Garfunkel. I never listen to these guys in my every day life, just on planes. Oh my attention just shifted to the screen to my left again. Book Of Henry…super sad scene coming up. I wonder if this woman next to me will cry? Where are her TEARS?!

I look at the world map for hours

You know the cool little flight route map? The one you can check out while listening to those classic rock songs at the same time? I often stare at the map, zooming in and out, for up to an hour, noting where i’ve been, where I’ve yet to go and thinking about future adventures. Even seeing Africa on this blue and green map makes my heart pang. I really am obsessed and need to get back there soon.

I will do anything to block the light

If I’ve finally hit that wall and know sleep is seriously needed, I’ll do anything to make myself comfortable and to block out the light. I’ve been known to tie not one but two scarves around my eyes and face so that the light can’t get in and so that the air hostess won’t dare wake me for some pretzels or some other related nonsense.  If I have the row to myself, like I did on my last flight, I’ll make a mini fortress of pillows, blankets and scarves and lie down on all 3 seats – essentially I turn the plane into my own mini campsite and no one else is invited to the sleepover. I’m weird, I already know that.

What about you? Do you do anything weird on flights you would like to share? :D In case you’re wondering, the woman next to me is crying now. Good for her.

  • deirdremagner
    November 20, 2017 at 11:06 am

    I love to fly. My first trans-Atlantic flight was when I was four and I remember it vividly. But I miss the beautiful 747’s. I used to love to get up after the meal and walk around, stand by the bulk-head, stare out the window and often strike up a conversation with a complete stranger (but they weren’t sitting next to you so you didn’t have to talk for the whole flight!!) I also cry when I’m leaving places – wondering if I’ll ever get back there again. Lately, I’ve taken to meditating on planes. I find I get fidgety, can’t relax or get comfortable – so meditation helps. Is that weird?

    • Janet newenham
      November 20, 2017 at 11:25 am

      That sounds great, maybe I should try it? i get so fidgety and restless on planes it can get so frustrating! I definitely cry when leaving very beautiful places, or when leaving home knowing I won’t be back for some time. It’s strange because I’m happy and excited to leave…but the tears still come!

  • Allison Green (@eternalarrival)
    November 20, 2017 at 11:47 am

    Bahaha you and your Bones!! I do rewatch a handful of shows (comedies, mostly) so I get it — that reminds me I should download some episodes from Netflix in case the in-flight movie on SAS suck tomorrow! I also sit weirdly (usually one knee up, one knee down… or tucking my legs under myself… or both knees up…) because my ADD makes me really hate sitting in one place for a long time to the point where I actually physically feel like I’m in pain! And I’m definitely a plane cryer, especially when I make myself sit through horribly sad movies. Though I oddly like the airplane meals, disgusting as they are. It passes the time until I can drug myself at the appropriate hour and then pass out with my eyemask and blanket scarf.

  • Kalunde Mbevi
    November 22, 2017 at 12:48 pm

    I watch other people’s movies and cry a lot when flying, always thought how strange that is until now!LOL..I always put up my feet in the space between the front seats and then cover up myself from the head down mostly because of the dry oxygen in the cabin, so it’s warmer in my little covered space. I walk around alot to stretch, strike conversations with the cabin crew at the back or just watching what people are doing or how they sleep LOL.