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Fairytale Castles in France You Can Actually Rent

Fairytale Castles in France You Can Actually Rent

France is full of historical magical spots such as castles, medieval cities and old churches! But imagine if you could actually spend the night in a castle?? Well, turns out you actually can! If you’re keen on trying something different and special while you’re traveling in France, there are plenty of magical castles in France where you can stay the night, or even a week, if you can afford it!

Whether you stay close to the coast or surrounded by the French Alps, you won’t be disappointed by the options available in France. To help you make the most of your holidays, The Big Domain offers you a wide range of high quality large houses around the world including castles, villas, party houses and chalets. If you’re planning on hosting a big event such as a reunion, a wedding or even a corporate event, you should be able to find the perfect property!

Let’s pretend we are in a fairytale and see where the most inspiring castles in France are….

Most magical castles in France

Chateau de Marouatte, Dordogne

Imagine staying in a 14th Century fortified castle. It gets better as it’s now restored as a luxury family home. Located in the Dordogne region which is the south west part of France, you’ll be able to admire uniques views while you’re there. Known for the incredible Vézère Valley and its thousand and one castles. You can also visit caves while you’re in the area.

This spot is perfect for a swim with its heated swimming pool, all-weather tennis court and there are many pretty walks around the area.

Travelling to Ireland? You can stay in Irish castles too!

Domaine de la Loire, Loire Valley

Domaine de la Loire was built in the 19th century and is located in the famous Loire Valley, which is known for its incredible castles. This domaine is pretty big – 22 acres – and offers a variety of gardens, woodland and rolling fields. This place has been renovated into a 5 star boutique accommodation which is perfect for holidays, celebrations or special occasions.

While you’re there you can go for a walk around the Loire River and discover the old historic provinces. Hop on a boat, cycle around it or simply go for a hike to enjoy the picturesque views! Of all the fairytale-like castles in France, this might well be the most magical!

castles in france

castles in france

Chateau du Lac, Brittany

Staying in a 19th century neo gothic castle surrounded by gardens, parkland and forest seem to be a great idea! With an elegant bourgeois style you can enjoy large fire places, chandeliers and a stunning dining room.

Perfect for groups, you will also have the possibility to enjoy their facilities such as their swimming pool, lake, private forest and trails at Chateau du Lac in Brittany.

Located in the Western part of the country, Brittany sits on the coast and is known for its scenic routes and coastline. You can also consider going on a sailing trip while you’re there.

castles in france

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Chateau la Louge, Occitanie

Set in 50 acres of private park and woodland not too far from Toulouse you will find Chateau la Louge. A perfect option for big groups, you won’t be disappointed by this 21st century chateau. Antiques, gorgeous tapestries and quilted bed covers are part of the setting.

Only 45 minutes away from Toulouse, you’ll be lucky to enjoy this beautiful city including its opera house, museums and markets. Occitanie is known for its natural, architectural, traditional and gastronomic secrets and is ideal for sport and outdoor lovers.

Fontet Barn Castle, Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Fontet Bern Castle was built before the 16th century and is a perfect spot for smaller groups such as friends and family. This incredible property includes a swimming pool and two gardens (French and Japanese) and will give you full privacy as it is surrounded by high walls.

Located in the south-west of France, it’s a brilliant destination if you’re looking for a combination of great outdoors and stunning beaches.

Chateau Cevenol, Occitanie

Chateau Cevenol dates to 1197 and is located in the Cevennes National Park in the Southern part of France. Enjoy the view of a secluded valley directly from the comforts of the pool and relax as you take in this incredible spot. Ideal for large parties, it is also split into four different apartments.

Cevennes National Park is a French hidden gem also known as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The area has mountains, making it ideal for walkers and hikers. The highest peak is Mont Lozère reaching 1699 metres.


Chateau in Limousin, Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Chateau in Limousin was built in 1879 and is pretty unique! It was renovated to create a comfortable and welcoming house party atmosphere. You’ll be surrounded by a modern and antique twist. It is ideal for couples seeking a romantic escapade. You might want to visit during the lavender season or walk around the many century-old trees.

While you’re in the area you could visit old churches, a medieval city named Montmorillon or simply enjoy the stunning surroundings.


The Medieval Chateau, Normandie

Built in 1426, The Medieval Chateau is located in the countryside of the Marais du Cotentin in the Northern part of France which is great for those who want to enjoy the North Dordogne. It’s a great option for big celebrations as they have a big banquet hall where you can sit 80 people.

Surrounded by nature and over 200 kilometres of coastline, you can either admire the views from the sand dunes or from stunning cliffs. Seafood lovers will dream of this place as it’s well known for its fresh seafood.


Which French castle would you pick for your fairytale holiday?