Weekly Wanderings 2: Magical Maldives and Wonderful Indonesia

I’m keen to keep up my weekly blog report of my current travels, so I’m writing this from a hotel room in Jakarta. I have just arrived here form the Maldives and am equally exhausted from a long travel journey and jam-packed 6 day trip to paradise as well as excited to join the “Trip of Wonders” with the Indonesian tourist board.

I wanted to reflect on my very short but very sweet trip to the Maldives, and fill you in more in why I was there. Maldives TV decided to organize a travel writers conference in the Maldives, as a way to promote their TV station but also to bring social media influencers and travel writers from around the world to the Maldives to promote this magical destination. No one was really sure if this conference would happen or not. Also, turns out there are way more fun things to do in the Maldives than I initially thought!

It would be an understatement to say they cut it real fine, with most speakers only receiving their flights 48 hours before we were supposed to depart!! On the upside, I somehow landed myself a Business Class ticket to paradise, an experience that excited me so much that I made a silly video about it which you can watch below! 

I was asked to deliver a Keynote Speech….with 48 hours notice. That was most definitely a first. I wasn’t even sure I should bother preparing as i had no flights and no accommodation and it was doubtful if any of us would ever make it to the Maldives. Being the dreamy destination that it is, however, meant that we all held out breath until the last minute and were over the moon to finally get our flight confirmation. It wasn’t until the day I was due to leave that I was told what resort I would be staying at…it really was a pretty crazy trip if I’m honest!

Things really took a turn for the better when we arrived, as they were super organized on the ground, we all had amazing resorts on private islands, the conference itself was a great success and I fell in love with the Maldives all over again. I’ll be back before this year is over…mark my words.

It was fun to hang out with so many of my blogger friends during the trip, and to make new friends with bloggers I had either never met or only knew online. Travel bloggers are crazy supportive and you always learn so much when groups of them get together – I swear this job is a never ending learning curve! It was also my first time giving a Keynote Speech at a conference – which was nerve wrecking but fun nonetheless! 

The conference also opened up my eyes to the reality of life in the Maldives, and how so many visitors know so little about this fascinating country. I’m definitely keen to spend more time on the local islands next time I return, as well as checking out some more resort islands as I’m beginning to see how different they all are.

While I originally presumed every resort island catered to honeymooners, I now know that’s definitely not the case. There are family friendly resort, party islands, resorts geared towards yoga lovers, divers, surfers and even solo traveler retreats! That said – every resort is paradise and even the experience of travelling to your resort, as you’ll see below, will have you grinning like a maniac.

I have A LOT to write about what I’ve learned, what I experienced and some fun stories so stay tuned on the blog got my series of Maldives articles.

Travel Awards

In other news….I have made it to the finals of the Irish Blog Awards for “Best Travel Blog 2017″. It looks like there are 10 other bloggers as finalist so it will be excIting to see who wins at the awards ceremony in a few weeks.

I’m off to Indonesia!

Right now though, I’m all set for an exciting 10 days island hopping across Indonesia with 7 other travel bloggers and influencers, followed by 2 or 3 weeks working and chilling out in beautiful Bali! You can follow along with the #TripOfWonders hashtag on social media or watch my daily Insta stories to keep updated on my adventures! First stop? The capital city of Jakarta!

Until next week….



  • sanpedroscoop
    September 23, 2017 at 9:05 pm

    I love the weekly updates…help me feel like I am along for the ride. Totally awesome ride. Enjoy!