5 Ways To Turn Summer Into An Adventure

Now that summer is well and truly here (Hey Ireland…it’s time to stop raining!) here are some fun ideas for things to do in the long summer months. For many of us, summer is perhaps the best season of the entire year.  Long, sunny days, warm weather and heaps of fun activities each weekend – be it festivals, nights out, food fairs or an excuse to jet off for the weekend. As I am planning to spend most of my summer back in Ireland (I said most, not all, obviously! #traveladdict) I thought I would give you five ideas for fun summer activities that you can pursue this summer, either alone or with your friends. Have any more good suggestions? Let me know!

1.Travel somewhere new

Surprise, surprise, this is a travel blog after all! What kind of blogger would I be if i didn’t encourage you to travel over the summer! Going somewhere new doesn’t HAVE to be abroad – I recently spent some time checking out parts of Northern Ireland that I has never been to and it was amazing! You can also find lots of cheap last-minute deals online if you’re looking to venture a bit further – Ryanair to the rescue in my case. I often play “Skyscanner Roulette” where you set the search bar to everywhere and see the cheapest country to fly to from Cork or Dublin!

girl at giants causeway

2. Get a tattoo

Tattoos are big commitment, so if that’s not for you, you can still try this out with henna. Henna tattoos are as beautiful as ink-and-needle ones, but also temporary. I was at a close friends wedding in Portugal a few weeks ago and all the girls at the wedding had really cool henna art done on our arms and hands for the ceremony while Shruti, the bride, had it all over her feet too. I’ve always wanted a tattoo but have never been brave enough to get it done. I have had the exact design in my head for over 10 years but have never even walked inside a tattoo shop. This summer, perhaps?! 

3. Go on an adventure with your friends

Nothing says SUMMER like a mad adventure with your friends. My friend Dan came over to Ireland from New Zealand in July and we did an epic adventure through Leitrim and up the west coast of Ireland. A few more friends came and joined is in Galway for a big night out and stayed around for some of our adventures. In September, I’m heading off on an even bigger adventure with some blogger friends – on an incredible two week adventure to beautiful Indonesia! So, where you going to explore with your friends this summer? Can I come?

4. Start a summer romance

Summer is the best time for a fling….or so they say! I always love hearing stories of summer or holiday romances…even if they do only last a wee! Sometimes, or should I say some people, can get lucky and their holiday fling can turn into something serious! #TheDream. These days it can be so difficult to find love in the normal places such as bars, pubs or even when travelling. Dating sites seem to be the way to go for everyone my age, with even my Mum pushing me to join Tinder at times! In other countries, such as places in Asia, people use this Asian dating site as a way to meet new people – the perfect way to find your adventure buddy!

5. Discover your hometown

Have you ever thought about being a tourist in your hometown? Yes, that’s a thing. If you’ve been living in a town for your whole life, you most likely never approached it as a tourist and actually visited its attractions. So why not do this this summer? Where do tourists generally go when they visit your town? Grab a friend, and go there too. You get bonus points if you act like you’re from a foreign land. For me, I guess I’ll have to go kiss the Blarney Stone and tick off some other must visit attractions in Cork. Who’s joining me?

  • amindfultravellerblog
    August 1, 2017 at 10:20 am

    I love your number 5. It’s very rare we are tourists in our home towns. Thanks for sharing Janet. :)