Is It Time For A New Backpack?

My trusty backpack was a gift from my Mum on my 18th birthday.

13 years ago.

13 YEARS. It has been to almost 70 countries and has seen me at my best and at my worst. It’s been used as a pillow, a seat, a bag and even a rain cover. It’s been thrown on planes, trains and buses. Covered in little flags from many of the countries I have travelled to, each sewn on with difficulty (and causing aching fingers and bloody hands!), it is one of my most prized possessions.

I’m not a very sentimental person and I don’t collect a lot of stuff when I travel., which means I’ve never had a need for a monster suitcase or an oversized backpack. Upon arriving in the US almost 2 weeks ago and checking into a hostel in Miami, I noticed I stood out a little. My battered and bruised backpack (with old luggage tags, airline stickers, flags falling off and missing straps here and there) was a bit of an eyesore. At first I could not believe I was the only traveller in the hostel with a backpack, as I saw more and more people arriving with both small and large suitcases, all on wheels.

Has the backpack gone out of fashion?! Am I too old for this hotel? Do people still use backpacks?

Hold on a second Janet, don’t get carried away! As I had no idea of these travellers itineraries or how long they were travelling for, I could not decide that a suitcase was the way to go. I can only speak for myself, and the way I travel, country to country, bus to bus, hotel to hostel to hotel, a backpack is definitely the best solution. The only question that remained was…Is is time for a new backpack?

I decided to start looking online, and stalking my fellow travellers to see what type of bags they are travelling with. The one thing that frustrates me with my current backpack is that it is no large to bring as carry-on. Anyone who has travelled internally within the US or on Ryanair flights around Europe will know how fast paying for check in baggage adds up! I came across a great company that seems to have the perfect travel backpack for long term travel. A backpack that’s can also be used as a suitcase? Have I hit the jackpot?!

Considering I has never even heard of Standard Luggage before, it seems a lot of other travellers I spoke with agree on how great their bags are, including some of my favourite bloggers (hello Travelling Weasels!). My only other problem was getting the bag to me, but turns out they have free shipping to anywhere in the world…solving all my problems!

I’m not going to lie. I have not ordered it yet. I want to, I plan to, but how can I say goodbye to my trusty backpack that has been SO loyal for 13 years. It’s almost like firing a loyal employee who has done nothing wrong except grow old.

What do you think? Will it be big enough for Alberto The Swan?

  • Jamie
    April 19, 2017 at 8:16 pm

    Aww man, I was all for the new backpack until, “It’s almost like firing a loyal employee who has done nothing wrong except grow old” ! But I am a sentimental person. Maybe you can send the backpack to Mum’s House for safe keeping? Test out that new bag and see how it suits you first ! :-)