Guide To Sending Christmas Gifts Home

I’m actually not the biggest fan of Christmas. I’m not going to lie….I would rather be lying on a tropical beach in Thailand with a cocktail in my hand than stressing over Christmas shopping and an endless list of presents to buy. However, I realise I’m pretty much alone in this and most “normal” people have an unexplainable love for Christmas and all it involves.

While Christmas shopping is always tricky, it’s even harder when you are travelling the world! That said,  just because you are off jet-setting doesn’t mean you can’t send a few Christmas gifts home to your loved ones. It just takes a bit more planning and thought!

I’ve put together this handy little guide to help you out, packed with helpful tips to help you send gifts to your family while travelling without breaking the bank. Go forth and SHOP dear readers! ;-)

What To Send

Before you go spending your cash research what you can send. Every country has their own regulations so check their government’s website. Don’t waste your time and money sending what will be destroyed by customs.

The fact that you are travelling will allow you to be a bit more creative with gifts. You can send postcards instead of Christmas cards cheaper and quirkier.

Try to send light gifts as the heavier your parcel is the more it will cost you to send it.

You can send quirky souvenirs as Christmas gifts. What about an exotic Christmas decoration, something your mom can show off to the neighbours?

Food can also be a good idea; send your loved ones the local confectionary etc. just make sure it is packaged well and check used by dates.

How To Send It

Now think about timing. Depending how far you are away from home you may need to send it a month early. Just make sure it arrives before Christmas if you go to the effort of buying gifts then you want them to get there before Christmas day.

Also, remember packaging, make sure whatever your using is sturdy and will survive a long trip. Use plenty of padding such as newspaper or bubble wrap when packing them.

Wrapping them in Christmas paper might be a waste of time and money, as it may be opened by customs. So, it’s a better item to leave them unwrapped.

When it comes to shipping, ad choosing a courier shop around for a good quote. You can use delivery comparison websites like Shiply to get free quotes from couriers who compete for your delivery. Make sure to check the reviews of whichever courier you chose to ensure they are reliable.

Make sure to mark the box with instructions for the courier. For example, if you have fragile items in the box then mark it appropriately.

Buy Gifts Online

However, if you don’t have the time for shopping you can use online gift websites such as or These websites usually have a large variety of gifts available and will arrange delivery for you. They may however be more expensive than sourcing and sending the gifts yourself.

 What you choose to do will depend on your budget, but just consider how lucky you are to be travelling the world and send something home that will make your friends and family smile. A flight voucher to go visit you, perhaps? ;-)