Afternoon Tea at The Upper House, Hong Kong

My three-day trip to Hong Kong was a whirlwind adventure. It rained non-stop for 72 hours, I hopped, skipped and jumped from dumpling restaurant to noodle stand and walked until my feet ached – even making it to the top of the famous Victoria Peak. I never realized there were so many unique things to do here in Hong Kong – and once you’re done there Macau is only a ferry ride away!

When the luxurious Upper House Hong Kong invited fellow blogger Curious Claire and I to enjoy afternoon tea on the 49th floor of their Five Star hotel, it came as a welcome reprieve from the elements. While I have had the pleasure of staying in some of the most luxurious hotels in Thailand in March and a string of incredible hotels in India in February, Upper House is in a league of its own.


Designed by renowned Hong Kong architect Andre Fu, Upper House Hong Kong is one of the first hotels where I noticed the incredible detail and planning that goes into every room, every wall and every sculpture in a Five Star Hotel. There were no afterthoughts in this Hong Kong haven…everything had it’s place ever before the hotel was built and this is evident from the moment you step foot in the lobby (which I was told isn’t a lobby really as guests are checked in en-route to their room) right up until you arrive at Cafe Gray Deluxe on the 49th floor.

Right….let me get a few things straight before I continue. The Upper House is WAY out of my price range when it comes to my long-term travels. At €565 a night, it might well be out of most of my readers budgets too. As this blog has matured, and I have now hit my early thirties, budget accommodation and hostels do not appeal to me the way they once did. I cherish clean sheets, my own bathroom and a bit of privacy over anything else. Due to this, I stretch my budget to stay in nice hotels whenever possible with the intention of showing you guys that travelling around Asia does not have to involve staying in dingy hostels.

Everyone loves a bit of luxury now and then, even if you are travelling on a budget, and that is why going for Afternoon Tea at The Upper House Hong Kong is a real treat for all the senses. You get to dress up in your best clothes, make yourself look respectable and, even if just for a few hours, enjoy a peaceful haven that you could not otherwise afford to enjoy. At just HK$560 for 2 people (about 30 euro per person) this is a luxury most of us can splash out on.

When we went two weeks ago (end of April), the Afternoon Tea was designed by international designer by Diane Von Furstenberg, inspired by her new Spring/Summer ’16 collection. We were given a table by the window, ensuring we had spectacular views of the Hong Kong skyline desire the miserable weather outside. We laughed that the entire room was full of women, realising that Afternoon Tea on a Monday is probably not the number one activity of food choice for young men! 


While we waited for our tray of delicious goodies and started doing what bloggers do best (taking lots of photos of nothing!) the women at the table next to us said, “You made the right choice coming here. This is the best Afternoon Tea in Hong Kong. We come here all the time.” They then giggled, continued to take a few selfies and got back to their own personal conversation. if it’s good enough for the locals…!

I could write more, and describe each cake in detail, but I think these photo will do a better job. Let’s just finish on this note:

Everything was delectable. Layer by layer we munched out way through mini quiches, smoked salmon, pate on toast, mini cakes and melt-in-the-mouth macaroons. And when all was said and done, and we had drank a little too much tea, out trip the Cafe Gray Deluxe bathrooms cemented our opinion that this hotel is one of a kind. A bathroom with a view….doesn’t get much better than that. ;-)








  • Shandos
    May 6, 2016 at 7:23 am

    Yum, that looks divine! I’ll have to note it down for when I finally get to HK!

  • y o k o m e s h i i
    May 6, 2016 at 6:06 pm

    Looks amazing! What a great place to have high tea.