Quick Travel Update – Where is Janet?

“Where is Janet?” is a question I am sure my poor parents are very used to hearing.  The thing is, sometimes I travel SO MUCH that my poor parents can hardly keep track of me. Sometimes I can hardly keep track of myself.

In fact, I have been travelling so much these days that I have started having these strange dreams sometimes (as anyone who has shared a room with me over the last few months will know to well!!) where I suddenly wake up in a panic and don’t really know where I am. The longer I stay in one place, and the more settled I am, the less I have these strange dreams. Thankfully!

I thought I should give you a quick recap of where I have been so far this year and then go on to fill you in on what I am up to right now. I also want to apologise for the lack of blog posts I have been writing – sometimes I am having too much fun in the sun to justify sitting in a dark cafe and being a good blogger like I should be.

Considering it’s only mid-March, I really have had a crazy busy year so far.


In January I spent a week surfing in Morocco with a group of friends. It was amazing to have a solid week to improve my surfing and enjoy a bit of winter sunshine. After my friends left, I headed to Marrakech for 5 days. Something I later regretted and which I blogged about here.

I then flew to Paris to meet up with two very goof friends from Uni and absolutely loved getting lost in the streets of Paris for three full days and taking more photos that I care to admit to.


I then flew to Lisbon, Portugal where I stayed at The Surf Office, a really cool co-working space aimed at startup and digital nomads. I still have not written about my experiences here but I promise I will soon as it really was the most incredible experience. I think I was so overwhelmed by the beauty of Lisbon’s buildings that I couldn’t get myself to stay in front of a computer for more than a few minutes while there.



After just one short week at home to get my stuff unpacked, washed and then packed again, I set off to Norway for 4 days to check out Oslo’s winter wonderland on assignment with Expedia.ie. You make have seen my photos and videos which I shared on my Facebook page – it was a fantastic experience with so much snow! If you’re planning a trip to Oslo yourself, then be sure to check out these Oslo attractions.


Just a few days after returning from Oslo I was off on my first bug adventure of the year, a 15 day tour around Kerala Province in Southern India with 29 other bloggers from 25 countries around the world. I have written a few posts already about my trip of a lifetime on the #KeralaBlogExpress but many more photos and videos will follow shortly.



Upon leaving India, I flew straight to Thailand and have been island hopping around this incredible country for the last 3 weeks as anyone who follows my Instagram will know. I may have become a little bit obsessed with tropical beaches and magical sunsets as that is all I seem to take photos of these days. In the past three weeks I have been to Krabi where I stayed in two absolutely beautiful hotels, Ko Lanta Island which I sort of fell in love with, and Phi Phi Islands where I felt about 10 years older than everyone else. We then headed to Phuket, Ko Tao and now I am on Koh Phangan, the home of the Full Moon Party.



It’s been a crazy few months, full of ups and downs, more highs than lows but a few accidents and stressful days scattered in between. I am currently on  party island, staying in a party hostel known for its pool parties and crazy night time shenanigans, but am not allowed to drink alcohol or get my head wet. I am on all sorts of medication and have 4 stitches in the back of my head. And believe me, that is just the surface of it. I’ll keep all the juicy details for another post later this week though.

My friend Coral whom I have been travelling with is due to fly home in a few days which means I will be a solo traveller again for the first time since January. I am looking forward to meeting up with some blogger friends here in Thailand and hopefully finding a place to call home for a few months.

Besides trips around Thailand, I have trips to Malaysia, Myanmar and Sri Lanka lined up for the next few months so stay tuned for more details on those adventures.

Lots of blog posts about Thailand are in the pipeline so if you are planning a trip here, be sure to leave any questions you have in the comments section so I can try answer them in one of my posts.

Janet x

  • LisaLDN
    March 24, 2016 at 12:11 pm

    Seems like you’ve had a whirlwind 2016 so far! I love your Instagram feed with all the beaches and sunsets :) And I do hope you are feeling better!

  • Rowland
    September 27, 2016 at 12:47 pm

    Time to update this!

    • Janet newenham
      September 27, 2016 at 5:58 pm

      Haha yes very true, but I don’t even know where I am these days. Today we drove to another country just to have dinner!!