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Hostels on Phi Phi – Where NOT To Stay

Hostels on Phi Phi – Where NOT To Stay

I am a pretty seasoned traveller. I have stayed in some pretty nasty hostels and hotels over the years and have also had the pleasure o staying in some of the world’s best. I am also not a negative person and in general I always like to try and see the bright side of everything but I simply must share my experiences here on Phi Phi with you.

We searched on and Hostelworld for a place to stay that would have a good rating and fit into our budget. As it is high season, our choices were pretty limited. There wasn’t a big choice of hostels on Phi Phi and the one;s we found seemed to be booked up already. We eventually settled on Freedom House Hostel.

First off, we got totally lost trying to find the place. It is a good walk from the main pier so be prepared to carry your heavy backpack for about 20 minutes while you sweat buckets. As it is fairly new, no one seems to know where it is and there are no signs whatsoever. We eventually found the place and we’re shown to our room.


For ease of reading I’m simply going to list in bullet point format what I didn’t like about this place.

– There is no window in the bedroom. That’s right, we are staying on one of the most beautiful islands in the world and the hostel thought it would be a goof idea to design rooms with 4 solid walls and no Windows!!

– There is no rubbish bin in the room. I asked the lady at reception if she could put one in there and she said, “No, you can’t have one as there is one in reception”. Seriously?!

– There is no bathroom or sink in the room. Fine it’s a hostel BUT there isn’t even a bathroom upstairs. You have to walk down a dodgy and very slippery ladder like stair case, walk across reception and the chill out area every time you want to prevent or brush your teeth. It’s actually seriously dangerous at night.

– There are only 2 sinks for a hostel that sleeps 55 people!! Why is this a problem? Well there was VOMIT all over one sink this morning meaning there was only one sink for 55 people.

– Jusr 4 toilets/showers for 55 people. The toilet and shower are in the same room so if 4 sweaty backpackers are having a shower you may be waiting a while to go pee.

– This is a silly one but there is a goddamn rooster that wakes everyone up at an ungodly hour. Kill me now I’m hungover and all I want to do is sleeeeep.


It’s sort of cheap (at €40 a night it’s not THAT cheap though…especially for Thailand!), it’s away from madness of main town, there’s a big chill out area with a TV and the aircon inside the room is pretty amazing. Also, to be fair, apart from the vomit in the sink, the place is kept very clean and staff seem friendly.

freedom hostel phi phi

Am I just getting old or would things like this also put you off?

Would love to know your thoughts!

Laura Jane England-Kerr

Saturday 12th of March 2016

Did you accidentally add a zero to the price? You could stay at PP Charlie resort for 40 euros! I stayed at Ibiza Hostel which turned out ok, was 600baht and shared the pool of Ibiza Hotel but had a leaky sink in the room and one shower/toilet between 10people (1 per room) with a few more at the end of the corridor. After travelling a couple of months I now realise how expensive it was for what it was!

Janet newenham

Saturday 12th of March 2016

Well that was for 3 of us, so worked out at about 600 baht each I think. But yea, still expensive for Thailand in my opinion!


Friday 11th of March 2016

Looks nightmarish to me. Time to move out and on to another location we'd say...

Jen Morrow

Friday 11th of March 2016

YUCK! Sounds terrible. My budget for accommodations is higher for this exact reason.

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