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MTX Connect: Cheap Internet For Your European Travels

MTX Connect: Cheap Internet For Your European Travels

As a travel blogger, a travel addict, a social media addict and simply a person living in this digital age when everything is organised and shared online, not having access to the internet while travelling kills me. Arriving in the airport and realising the airport Wifi won’t connect is pretty much my biggest nightmare. Quickly followed by realising I never saved the address of my hostel offline and now have no way to check it unless I turn on on data roaming and get charged up to €7 per mega byte downloaded, depending on which exotic country I am currently roaming around.


MTX Connect, a sim card that let’s you surf the internet all over Europe for super cheap, is the answer to all my prayers. It seriously could not have come at a better time. Earlier this year I travelled to 3 European countries within a two week period, and not having a decent internet connection for the duration of my trip made for a very difficult few weeks.

Not having internet meant I was very late to meet a friend in Paris, and almost didn’t make to to the place i was staying. It meant I struggled to find my accommodation in Lisbon, and was panicking that I had not taken a screenshot of my boarding card before heading to the airport in Faro.

MTX Connect is honestly the thing out there for travel bloggers, social media addicts and just about anyone who relies heavily on the internet for their travel plans. It is super easy to use. You just insert the sim card in the place of your own one, register online and then pick an internet package. There are various options to choose from and all are cheap as chips. You can either pick a 24 or 48 hour internet package, or choose yo ‘pay as you go’ with preloaded credit already on your sim card / phone.


I loved that I could snapchat my way around Oslo and share all my adventures on Instagram and Twitter in real time. It was also a life saver when looked for directions and contacting people who i was supposed to meet up with while on my travels.

The only negative is that it only works in Europe and as I am travelling all over Asia for the next few months I will be back to square one with my internet problems! If you plan on doing some weekend trips around Europe this year, make sure to buy yourself an MTX connect and save yourself a massive phone bill upon returning home!

Check out their website here for more information and let me know how you get on. Even though I was given the sim card for free to review on my site, I will 100% be using it on my travels from now on and would encourage others to check it out. In fact, believe you too can get a sim card for free of you apply on their site!