Photo Post: Paragliding in Cape Town

Running off the side of Signal Hill in Cape Town while strapped to a handsome South African, with a spectacular view of Table Mountain behind us in the distance, was definitely one of my highlights of my stay in South Africa. I have always wanted to go paragliding and have no idea why I never plucked up the courage to do it before. The fact that it was way cheaper than anywhere else made the decision to go paragliding in Cape Town that little bit easier.

We actually almost did not get to go due to high winds the day we had booked it, and the fact that we would be leaving Cape Town heading up the coast later that day. Luckily, the wind dyed down by about 10am and we drove up to the top of Signal Hill ready for an adrenaline hit! It all happened rather quickly from the minute we arrived, hardly allowing us any time to get nervous.

We signed away our lives, got strapped up (with GoPros recording and ready to capture the adventure on camera) and next thing I knew I was taking gigantic steps and running downhill as fats as I could. Next thing we went flying off the side of Signal Hill and glided at ease all the way down to the park at Sea Point, taking in some spectacular views and few ‘extreme selfies’ as we went. My favourite part was actually getting ready to land as my instructor did a few cool tricks which meant we swayed from side to side then sort of started spinning around and around, getting lower and lower. The landing was so smooth, nothing like I had expected. It was as if we had just floated down to the ground without a worry in the world.

I would recommend paragliding to to anyone visiting Cape Town, it will honestly be a highlight of your trip!

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Paragliding in Cape Town

paragliding cape town signal hill


Paragliding in cape town

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    January 11, 2016 at 2:28 am

    I did the same flight in Cape Town with the same guy! It only lasted 5 minutes though :(