5 Tips For Finding Safe Airport Parking

Should We Be Concerned When Leaving Vehicles in Airport Car Parks?

Leaving a valuable asset (in my case it would be my MOST valuable asset!) such as a car for an extended period of time in an unsecured facility can be a very worrying prospect. Not all countries across the world are as developed as Ireland or the US and with that poses many issues for travellers.

With car theft still a major problem across the world, the possibility of coming back from your holiday to be faced with the fact your car has been stolen is everyone’s worst nightmare. Ain’t nobody got time for that!! The sad reality is that theft does occur in airports as stated by Bloomberg, and it happens more often than you might think. Whether it’s your precious luggage that is being stolen or your vehicle, it can happen to any one of us and it is certain to ruin your trip.

Car theft in the United States, for example, rose to 700,000 cases in 2013 according to RMIIA, indicating that there is still a huge problem. Regardless of the advances in technology and security regarding car design features, this doesn’t seem to stop would-be thieves from committing crimes and potentially ruining all happy memories of your travels.

So, what are the main things people should be looking for when it comes to booking a parking spot when traveling abroad? Here are my 5 best tips for finding safe airport parking no matter where you’re flying from. If you have any more suggestions, please be sure to leave a comment!


1. Always park in an airport car park

You should always avoid independent parking lots for many different reasons. But most notably because they aren’t nearly as safe as the services you will be provided with at airports. Independent car parks can often be poorly lit, lack security gates, staff and have many other questionable features.

2. Make sure it’s equipped with CCTV cameras

All airport-parking facilities in leading airports around the world will be equipped with CCTV cameras. An airport like London’s Gatwick Airport is among one of the many trustworthy airports with secure lots, as a result it won the prestigious Park Mark Award. However, this won’t be the case for airports in developing countries so it’s always best to research the facilities beforehand.

3. Security patrols

Along with CCTV cameras, the most reputable parking lots will have security staff that will patrol the parking facilities throughout the day and night to reduce the chances of theft.

4. Make sure they you park your car in a well-lit area

If your car is parked in a facility that is poorly lit, it heightens the chances that the car will be exposed to a break-in. If criminals see that a car is out of sight and parked in a poorly lit area, they could assume that there is a better chance that if they do attempt a break in, it could go undetected. If the area has plenty of light, it will be in full view of onlookers and CCTV cameras.

5. Gates and Valets

The chances of someone daring to steal a car if there are security check-in gates are slim. Many valets and gates now ask for photo identification upon picking vehicles up to eliminate the risk of car theft.

So the next time you’re thinking of driving yourself to the airport, remember to keep these things in mind to ensure the safety of your car and more importantly for your own peace of mind. As always, Happy travels!

  • john Mahoney
    December 29, 2016 at 12:23 am

    I agree that when leaving your car at the airport parking you need to make sure there is a good security system in place. I would want to leave my car in a place where I wouldn’t have to worry about the security. I can see how making sure this is set can help you have a better time while traveling and can help you enjoy your time while away.