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10 Travel Apps Every Backpacker Needs

10 Travel Apps Every Backpacker Needs

10 Travel Apps Every Backpacker NeedsThere are so many great travel apps and travel startups popping up in my news feed and twitter feed each day that is can be hard to stay up to date with which ones are the most useful and which ones I really need. To get a better idea on what are the current #must have’ travel apps, I decided to reach out to some of my favourite fellow travel bloggers to see what apps they couldn’t live without.

From itinerary and style planners to apps that track how much money your spending on your travels, here are the top 10 travel apps recommend by bloggers from around the world. Be sure to check them all out before taking your next trip!

10 Travel Apps Every Backpacker Needs…


Recommended by Laura from Willful and Wildhearted

I’m not going to lie – I’m not always the most organized traveler. I tend to book tickets last minute, I pack everything last minute and I often research my destinations last minute. I believe I just function better under pressure.

While this sort of mindset isn’t healthy, I’ve found something that makes my pre-travel experiences a bit easier: TripIt. This travel app enables me to discover a perfect balance of peace among the chaos. TripIt consolidates essential travel information such as airline confirmations, hotel reservations, rental car bookings into a fully customizable and easy-to-follow digital itinerary.

What I love most about TripIt is that it does an impeccable job at picking out the important small print that is often overlooked. While doing so, it does a great job pulling pertinent information from e-mails and merging them into the relevant sections within the app.

To make traveling that much easier, TripIt recently introduced a feature than enables its users to store details such as a Passport and Driver’s License numbers. Should consumers choose this option, they’ll have to remember a four-digit pin number to enter each time they are interested in accessing this information.

While it’s paramount to keep a tangible, paper copy of this information on your person while traveling, TripIt will do a wonderful job making your life that much more simplified – and allow you to feel like you’ve got it together, even when you don’t.



Recommended by Luke from Anti Travel Guides

Showzee is new a image sharing website in which you create “Showzee’s”, which are essentially photo albums that are grouped conveniently, easy to share and embed. The idea behind Showzee is to connect like-minded people through experiences and inspire adventure.
It is very intuitive in its design and very easy to get started and with a community that still fairly small but already very engaged you are likely to experience fairly high visibility in the site. The “Showstream” is easy to browse the Showzees uploaded by other users and are a perfect catalyst for future travel inspiration.
Showzee is still “pre-launch” and despite very minimal marketing on their part the level of engagement is surprisingly high. As travel bloggers it’s an excellent companion to any blog and I think if you can get in on the ground floor you will be well positioned to take advantage of another possible traffic source as the platform grows with sponsorships and phone apps.



Recommended by Alex from GinAndGiraffes

Airbnb is probably one of the most famous travel apps, it’s definitely my go to travel accommodation finder, and for good reason! From beautiful city centre designer pads to wilderness yurts there really is a great option for every occasion and location. And the best bit is that it’s all at the fraction of the cost of a hotel or even a hostel in some cases. The app lets people travel the world in affordable comfort, a step up from hostels and a quality alternative to overpriced midrange hotels.
Flexibility is one of the main draws of the app, it lets you rent out whole places or just a spare room so that you can have either privacy or company depending on your mood. For solo travellers it’s a way to immerse yourself in the real life of a place, meet people who live there and benefit from fist hand tips.
To top it off if you’re lucky airbnb can even help you fund your travels. I’ve put my little one bed central London apartment on the app and it gets snapped up whenever I’m away. It’s so simple to manage and means that my adventures often pay for themselves!



Recommended by Taylor Record from Once We’re Young

“Discover how to get anywhere” is about the truest tag line there ever was. Whether you’re trying to find the nearest town to Serengeti National Park, or need to know which bus company to use for your journey across Cambodia, Rome2Rio aggregates everything from bus routes to ferry schedules — you really can get anywhere in the world on Rome2Rio. Don’t believe us? We dare you to search “Oslo to Ushuaia”.

When you first visit the site, input your desired start and finish points. Your search will yield a variety of options from domestic plane to passenger train. Click on the mode of transport you prefer, to explore approximate costs, travel times, transfer cities, and operating companies. Rome2Rio will then show you where to book, and save you hours (no exaggeration) of research. It’s really up to you what you do with all that free time. Our recommendation? Go somewhere!

Stamp Experiences


Recommended by Anna Medina.

I’ve started traveling a lot and I needed an app where I could get advice in where to go and cool places to visit in each location. I know there are many apps that offer this feature but STAMP also gives people the chance to form personal connections with each user. You can follow people, add places to your bucket list and write about your experiences with the choice of adding a cute pic.

You get information from locals and people that actually want to share their experiences. STAMP also offers the “world” and “nearby” options where you can search locations depending on where you are. I use the world option to look at interesting places I want to visit next. This app is a great space for the traveling community! I think more people should hear about it and try it because it’s relatively new.



Recommended by Abby Anderson
I love using StyleBook for quickly creating packing lists! I used StyleBook to create outfits for my two week trip to Italy last May. I needed a capsule wardrobe that could handle the colder, rainier weather in Venice as well as withstand the searing heat in Sicily. There are three main reasons why I love StyleBook for packing:
  • StyleBook lets me inventory my entire wardrobe quickly and easily
  • StyleBook lets me create travel outfits and even assign them to a calendar
  • StyleBook keeps my suitcase light by helping me discover what items mix-and-match well
Before my trip, I inventoried my existing wardrobe by uploading photos of all my clothing to the app. Then I created my own travel outfits by pulling items from my inventory and mixed and matched them in the Looks tab.
Experimenting with different looks and re-examining my wardrobe helped me spot what essential pieces I was missing. For instance, I realized I need to buy a Chambray popover because the fabric would mix and match well with both my chino shorts, my black stretchy travel pants, and my patterned skirts. The Chambray popover ended up being my favorite item of clothing on the trip.
StyleBook isn’t limited to clothing! I also used the app to do an inventory of my essential travel gear (GoPro, Canon camera, selfie stick), jewelry and toiletries.



The thought of packing my luggage always makes me excited but the real catch is that, I hate the pre-trip planning process where I often find myself having to comb through different websites and blogs to produce a decent itinerary. As a solo traveler, I need to put much more efforts to plan a safe and sound trip. This is why I always look for a handy app that can help me to plan a trip with less planning effort. Here are the main reasons I love Justgola to plan my trip:

  • Auto generate plan give me an idea to explore city in 2 seconds. You can indicate your travel interests i.e. beach, cultural, shopping etc and the website will generate an itinerary to suit your interests.
  • It keeps everything organized.It records day by day itinerary. It also shows detail routing with estimate cost (how to get there by bus, train or taxi). You can share this itinerary with your friends via email or social media platforms.
  • It is highly convenient. If you don’t really want to create your own itineraries, you could copy what others have. You can choose the plan you like (with important travel tips) and copy it, edit and make it become your own plan.
  • Free, free and free. It synchronizes your itineraries seamlessly between web and your mobile devices for offline use including the free offline map. It can show you where you are on the directional maps even without wifi or data plan. Awesome! Never get lost with Justgola.
  • It is great for post-trip sharing too. After your trip, Justgola automatically groups travellers’ photos to update your itinerary accordingly. You do not need to perform the arduous and manual task of organizing and naming photos. Moreover, it also allows you to add photos and quick notes (locations, prices, experiences, travel tips) about what you did on your vacation. You can then share easily with family, friends and other fellow travellers through social networks.

Recommended by Claire Wang from Adventureatwork.

My favorite travel app is Being in a new location, you’re obviously going to need a bit of guidance, but regular paper maps don’t tell you where you are and you don’t want to pay for a ridiculously overpriced international data-plan to use google maps. Enter!

The great thing about is that you can save entire city maps with routing to your phone to use offline! These maps include subway and bus stops, stores and cafes, and the ability to search for a location. And as long as you have location services turned on, can tell you where you are even on airplane mode without wifi! This app hasn’t failed me yet, and is an absolute life saver because my sense of direction is terrible.



Recommended by Danielle Markley from Gallivanting The Globe.

This is a free mobile booking app available on iOS, Android & Windows devices. Once you’ve downloaded the app, simply enter a destination or select your current location, pick your dates (from tonight to 7 days out) and HotelTonight will provide a hand-picked selection of hotels. No need to scroll through long lists of hotels trying to determine which one is best for you. Their selection ranges from “Basic” (aka affordable) to “Luxe” hotels.

I Love it because it’s perfect for my style of travel: I’m a frequent road-tripper and, despite my best efforts, a last-minute travel planner. Got a last minute getaway? No problem! HotelTonight allows you to search and book up to 7 days in advance. Recently, I embarked on a 3 week cross-country road, making dozens of overnight stops. Though I had created an itinerary and schedule, one can never fully plan for life on the open road. Multiple nights, we either drove further or stopped earlier than expected. Queue HotelsTonight and we were able to book nearby hotels immediately for super cheap prices! HotelTonight agrees that you should not have to pay full price for same-day bookings! That’s why their app offers higher discounts throughout the day.

Trail Wallet


Recommended by Jennifer Melroy from Made All The Difference

I always hated coming back from a trip and finding how much I had run over budget. It is so easy to just focus on having fun and not worry about spending. About two years ago, I was going on a trip that had a tight budget and need some why to track my spending as I went. The solution to my problem was Trail Wallet.

This easy to use app makes tracking expenses easy. Simply decide on your trip budget and set which currencies you will be using. I can give the app either my daily budget or my total trip budget. I can set spending categories and spread expenses over multiple days. The app tracks your daily spending totals and lets you know if you are budget for the trip. I can add comments for expenses and at the end of the trip I can see what I spent on each category. The latest update now provides daily totals in each spending category. The app makes it easy to enter expenses. When I open the app, it pulls up the Add expense screen. I simply pick the currency, add an expense note, and category and it calculates my daily totals.

What are your favourite apps? Get in touch to be featured in the next post!



Friday 11th of September 2015

Justgola isn't available to install from Europe


Thursday 10th of September 2015

Awesome! We used Airbnb and Justgola apps for our trip to Singapore last August - very smart and convenient. Thank you so much

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