Top 100 Travel Bloggers List

Last week I was seriously happy ECSTATIC to find out I have been added to the ‘Rise Top 1000 Travel Bloggers List‘. I follow the list quite regularly, because it is a great way to know who the top travel bloggers in the world are. You can also easily follow all the top bloggers on Twitter to stay up-to-date with their exotic travels.


The list is based purely on social media and social influence, and does not take Google Analytics or Alexa score into account. It is more about top travel influencers than top travel writers.

Regardless, I was hoping to jump in around No. 500 or something like that. You can imagine my surprise when I checked the list last Wednesday to see I was straight in at number 71, only a few places behind the legendary Nomadic Matt. So instead of being happy to be apart of the top 1000 travel bloggers list, I can now be OVER THE MOON to be in the Top 100 Travel Bloggers list. So. Freaking. Amazing.


This list itself is updated every Wednesday, and the team behind Rise let all us inquisitive people know who is on the rise and who isn’t doing quite so well. They also explain briefly how the list is compiled and you can get in touch with them by emailing [email protected] if you think you deserve a place in the list. Just don’t steal my spot! :p


Thanks to all you lovely people for continuing to like, share, favourite, retweet, +1 and of course read all my crazy, random travel posts every day. You are all awesome. I owe ya big time.

Looks like I’m part of the Top 100 Travel bloggers…for this week anyway! ;-)