Dublin’s Biggest Pillow Fight 2015

A few months ago a post I wrote about the most unusual and unique free things to do in Dublin was widely shared and read. Turns out a lot of people are looking for free things to do in Dublin! One thing that wasn’t included is all the great free, and very random, events that are organized by people throughout the year such as ‘Dublin’s Biggest Pillow Fight’.

From dance flash mobs on Grafton Street and free choral performances in St Stephens Green to Public Pillow Fights in Merrion Square, there are so many unique things to do and see that it would be impossible to document the awesomeness of Dublin in one post.

This post is a quick recap on an event I organized with The Adventure Pack last weekend. We had over 50 people show up for a pillow fight game in Merrion Square Park which was a cool mixture between Capture The Flag and a flash-mob pillow fight! We had people from countries all over the world turn up at 2pm with their pillows ready for an afternoon of fun in the sun. Most people couldn’t believe how tiring a pillow fight would be!

My friend Jens was snapping away throughout the event while I (can you spit me in the red dress?!) continued to organize the teams and sort out all the messers!














  • judy lawless
    July 8, 2015 at 6:27 pm

    Looks like lots of fun!