Cheap Flights To Manchester – Only 5 euro!

I always promise to keep my readers up-to-date on the cheapest flights on offer so this is going to be a super quick/ short post.

Ryanair just announced cheap flights to Manchester for just five euro – the cheapest flights ever! Seriously, that’s ridiculously cheap. It would cost more to get to the airport. Anyway 5 euro flights depart from Shannon on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday or else you can get flights from Dublin for 9.99. Not bad!

Not sure if there are any big Manchester United on Man City readers out there, but this could be perfect for you. Or maybe you just fancy a midweek break in the UK, the hotel will probably cost you more than the flight though unless you opt for Couchsurfing or Nightswapping!

Why visit Manchester you ask? Actually I have no idea but it’s supposed to be a brilliant city for shopping and had a pretty great nightlife also. This is also the city that gave the world Oasis, The Smiths, Joy Division and The Chemical Brothers, so if you do one thing while you’re there, make it a live music gig!

I did a little search and while it was easy enough to find the 10 euro flights from Dublin, the cheapest I could find on skyscanner from Shannon were 8 euro, as opposed to 5.

However, when you look at the Ryanair website itself, you should be able to find them. 

Cheap Flights to Manchester on Skyscanner





Cheap Flights To Manchester on Ryanair


Anyway, click here to find out more info and, as always, happy travels!