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Adventures in Food – A Taste of Dublin 2015

Adventures in Food – A Taste of Dublin 2015

Last week I was on a bit of a winning streak on Twitter. I always love entering whatever competitions pop up in my timeline and it just so happened that I started winning every competition I entered. This left me with a free lunch for 4 people at a pub in Ballsbridge, a free Lonely Planet Guide, a 50 euro Ryanair voucher and last, but not least, 2 free tickets to a Taste of Dublin in the Iveagh Gardens.


A Taste of Dublin Food Festival has gone from strength to strength over the last 10 years, and from what I heard chatting to stall holders, this year might well have been the best ever. The sun was shining for the whole weekend, and everyone who attended treated it like a real occasion, with some dressing up the nines for what I believed was basically a small food festival in a park. That was BEFORE I entered.

I actually couldn’t believe how big the set up was. There was so much going on that we didn’t know where to start. People were giving away small tasters of delicious, freshly cooked and locally sourced food wherever we looked. There were live music stages dotted around the park so after bought some drinks or food, you could find yourself a bean bag, sit down and soak up the atmosphere.


One of the newest, and best, additions to the festival was a waiter service organized by JustEat. Basically, they had people wandering around the park with menus to choose from, then people could order what they wanted and the waiters would queue at the correct stall, fetch the food and bring it back. Pretty incredible service and something I have never seen at a festival before!

I also love that The Shebeen, Ireland smallest and mobile pub, was set up inside the festival. It’s such a charming idea, even if it does only fit about 6 people! Check it out below!


The only think me and my friend didn’t like were the prices. Considering you have to pay between 15 and 17 euro just to get inside the gates, charging between 5 and 7 euro for a ‘taste’ of certain food items was a bit steep. We didn’t really understand the reasoning because all the drinks were reasonably priced but the food was outrageous.

Don’t get us wrong, the quality of the food was brilliant and it was great to taste so many different things from Dublin’s top restaurants, but 7 euro and the tiniest bit of thai red curry and boiled rice was a joke. We both spent over 30 euro altogether and I personally left still feeling hungry. I would still recommend checking out the next Taste of Dublin, just don’t head to the festival with an empty stomach!