Your Irish Adventure – New Blog!

Exciting news readers…I have decided to set up a new website all about adventure in Ireland. Don’t worry, I will still be maintaining this as my main site, especially when it comes to my travel adventures.

The new site is aimed at people living in Ireland looking for fun things to do and places to go in Ireland and is aimed at both visitors to Ireland and locals living here. If you think you fall into either of those categories, or you just want to see what sort of fun adventures there are to do in Ireland, head on over to Your Irish Adventure and give it a follow! :-D


  • ms-havachat
    March 22, 2015 at 1:50 pm

    So glad I found you.

    As an expat living in Ireland we are always looking for unique experiences n recommendations.

    We’ve covered a lot already and loved every trip, but there’s still more to do before we leave ….. one day.

    Looking forward to comparing notes