New Year’s Resolution: Stop Giving Up!

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Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

– Albert Einstein –

Every year I make a list of new year’s resolutions, and at the end of every year I find myself looking back on that list and realising how little I accomplished. Not that I accomplished very little in general, I just failed to stick to and complete the list. I doubt I’m the only one who looks back at their list, sigh and then writes the same list again. So why are we still writing the same resolutions, when we already know the outcome? Isn’t it about time we all changed our thinking when it comes to new years resolutions?

We all vow to stop drinking, to stop being so lazy, to stop eating unhealthily, to stop using facebook, to stop smoking or to stop spending so much. Why do we always have to STOP doing things? Why do always vow to stop doing the same things at the beginning of each year? Maybe, just maybe, if we vowed to take on more things we wouldn’t have to feel bad about all those guilty pleasures.

This year I am not giving anything up. I am not quitting. I am not vowing to lose weight, to get fit or to stop drinking. If any of those things happen along this journey, happy days, but they will not be my new year’s goals.

So, what are my new year’s resolutions? What are YOUR new year’s resolutions? Maybe we cans share a few…

1. Make some new friends

This may seem like a strange one, as I’m sure most of us already have a pretty amazing circle of friends. However, I believe one can never have too many friends and if we don’t stay open to new friendships there are so many incredible people out there who we may never meet. Say YES to more nights out, to more road trips, to more last-minute flights. Talk to that person sitting next to you on the bus…you never know who they could turn out to be.

2. Ask more questions.

In order to expand your mind, it’s important to never stop asking questions. We need to stop asking google and start asking each other. Ask your parents, your best friend, your 94-year-old granny. There’s so much we don’t know yet thanks to the internet we now feel we are experts at everything. I feel in recent years I have lost my voice in a way, caring too much about what others think or if I’m asking a ‘stupid question’. Honestly, I think the internet has made  us more boring rather than more interesting.

3. Read more.

In a way, I think we could all do with reading more, and I’m not talking about scanning over your newsfeed on facebook or scrolling through endless, mindless buzzfeed pages. Put down your phone, your tablet, your laptop, and actually spend an hour each night in your own little digital detox. I think it will do wonders for the mind. (I stole this idea from Mark Zuckerberg, who has vowed to read a book every second week for the entire year. If one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs can make time to read, then so can I!)

4. Learn something new.

Be it a language, a musical instrument or a new sport…or maybe one of each. For years now I keep catching myself, and many others, saying ‘Oh I wish I knew another language,’ or ‘I wish I had learned how to play the guitar when I as younger but now I guess it’s too late.’ Too late?? I know we will be hitting the big 30 soon, but we’re hardly old aged pensioners. It’s never too late to make that leap. It’s never too late to learn something new. It could also be a great way for you to make new friends!

5. Eat a breakfast fit for a King.

If, like me, you really are disastrous at eating 3 healthy meals a day and snack on a ridiculous amount of junk food then this could be the way forward. Eating breakfast really sets you up for the day and helps you to start in on a positive note, Make TIME for breakfast. Stop hitting the snooze button, treat yourself to fresh fruit and yogurt or porridge or whatever takes your fancy really. You’ll start each and every day on a high note, have more energy and the bonus is it’s a great start to a healthier lifestyle.

6. Do things that make you happy.

For me, nothing puts a smile on my face like finding cheap flights…and then booking them. I don’t known if it’s an obsession or an addiction. Either way, it makes me happy and thus it’s something I will continue to do! For other people it’s going for a run in the morning, or going to the cinema or buying new shoes. Maybe it’s taking photographs, maybe it’s spending time with younger cousins or nieces and nephews. This year, try to find that one thing that makes you happier than anything else then spend as much time as you can doing that thing. It’s your life, it makes sense to make it a great one!

7. Love who you are.

This is a difficult one. We spend so much time comparing our lives to others, as if life is one big competition. We compare looks, we compare jobs, success, income, friend circles. We compare boyfriends and girlfriends and cars and handbags. We forget that everyone, and I mean everyone, has their own personal demons. We all have problems, issues, difficulties. The problem is no one ever shares the negativity and no one ever talks about it. Make 2015 the year that you really love yourself. Love your body, love your job, love your family and your friends. I know it might sound clichéd, but we really need to start seeing ourselves in a more positive light because at the end of the day, we’re all pretty darn awesome in our own ways.

8. Learn a party trick.

So many of my friends have very cool party tricks. I have none. I even know the party trick I wish to learn, I just need to make some time and find someone to help me learn how to do it. I am making a promise to myself that another year shall not pass until I have mastered a decent party trick. You should all give it a go too, I mean mastering a new skill – no matter how pointless – can increase your self-esteem, as well as earning you some serious social kudos next time you reveal it in public.

9. Learn how to live without your phone.

I’m not talking about a  365 day detox or throwing your new iphone out the window, I’m talking about learning to be a normal, responsive member of the human race for a few hours each day. When I was travelling in South East Asia this summer, I survived 2 months without a phone. It was only then that I realised how glued we are to our phones. Every bar, every restaurant, every beautiful beach side café was filled with young tanned backpackers updating their facebook statuses instead of actually enjoying the ‘paradise’ they were writing about. This year I vow to be more mindful when using my phone, especially in the company of others.

10. Make space for a mid year resolution

It’s a bit silly to plan a whole year during the first week of January, we need to leave some space for spontaneity!

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  • Sarah and Scott
    January 6, 2015 at 1:27 am

    These are great, Janet! I’m adding one to mine- do something you are afraid of. I find so often when I do it, the fear dissipates.

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    January 6, 2015 at 3:53 pm

    This is a wonderful idea and you made some great choices. I hope we get to see the party trick.