Top 10 Halloween Costume Ideas

If you are like me, you are probably pretty excited about Halloween (less than 2 weeks to go!) but are also a bit worried/confused/frustrated as you have no clue about what you are going to dress up as and are in desperate need of some halloween costume ideas!

Fear not…I have come up with 10 great topical costumes for this Halloween. Be warned though, it is HIGHLY possible that you will not be the only person wearing many of these costumes. The key is to put your own twist on the costume or how well you pull off the character. If you have any other novel ideas, please comment!

I have also included some online costume sites and some shops in Seoul where you can browse for costumes at the bottom of this post. Happy shopping! 

Number 10: Walter White/Heisenberg from Breaking Bad

This is an obvious choice considering the popularity of the show and the fact that it only ended a few weeks ago. There are countless different ways you could pull off this character, copying any one of his outfits from any of the 5 seasons. The easiest costume would be to copy walt when he wore a green apron and nothing else while cooking meth in his caravan-come-meth lab.

walt breaking bad costume

Number 9 : Korean K-Pop band ‘Crayon Pop’

You can’t live in Korea in 2013 and NOT know this K-Pop group. Their song, “Bar, Bar, Bar” has me jumping out of my seat and boping around the dance floor every time it comes on. My students sing it, all the bars play it, and no doubt every radio station in the country is sick of it by now. What makes the band unique and quirky, however, is their hilarious matching outfits in their music videos which include matching helmets. Grab a  group of friends this halloween and dress up like crayon pop…to get into character just bop around your bedroom/apartment with cheesy music in the background and you are good to go!

crayon pop halloween

Number 8: Miley Cyrus and her wacky VMA performance.

For this all you need is a giant foam hand, your hair in pig tails tied in a bun on top of your head and VERY skimpy beige under wear, preferable 1 size too tight for you. Sticking your tongue our like a sick giraffe is also compulsory for the duration of the festivities! Be warned…you may catch a cold or worse…

miley vma costume

Number 7: The Fox from “What does the fox say”

I think this would be a really funny costume especially considering the recent popularity of the song among expats in Korea and Koreans alike. There is an abundance of place to buy animal costumes in Korea, both online and in person, so you could either dress up as the fox alone or you could get a group together and pick a different animal each! Make a sign that says, “What does the fox say?!” or “Wa paw paw paw paw paw POW”and stick it to your back just in case people don’t get straight away who you are!

fox costume halloween

Number 6: Psy in his Gentlemen outfit

I admit most people are pretty sick of Psy by now and I know his second song “Gentlemen” did not catch on the way Gangnam style did internationally, but the song is still very popular here. This would be a real easy outfit to put together for a guy who already owns a suit and could be fun to play the character on the  night.

psy korea



Number 5: Korean School Boy/ Girl

This is the good old reliable. An easy costume that always looks pretty cool. All you need is clothes resembling a school uniform and a black “school girl” wig. That means a wig with a black bob hair cut and a fringe which is pretty much the hair cut of every single middle school or high school student in Korea. If you want to stand out, you could always be a ZOMBIE Korean school girl by adding some scars and some fake blood.

korean school girl


Number 4: Post Plastic Surgery costume.

With 1 in every 5 women in Korea admitting to have had some form of plastic surgery done, this seems like a pretty topical costume this Halloween. Sure, it might be a bit disturbing and a bit offensive, but most good costumes are! You can either buy a mask like the one below or play around with your make-up and see what you can come up with!

plastic surgery halloween mask


Number 3: A GIANT squid.

For some strange and unknown reason Koreans LOVE squid. As in they love squid the way most of the rest of the world loves chocolate! My students waltz into my classroom day in day out with a packet of vile smelling squid in their hands munching away as if its the best treat in the world. The smell alone is enough to make me want to vomit, let alone eat the stuff! In honour of this overly popular snack food, why not dress like a giant squid for Halloween. Heck, if you copy this woman you can even make a squid look sexy!



Number 2: Dress like your favourite Korean beverage!

Be in Cass, Hite or Soju, why not get creative next week and try make your own costume that resembles a giant beer can or giant Soju bottle. I bet you won’t find too many other people with the same costume as you, that’s for sure! One Halloween I saw a guy who looked like he had escaped/ran away from hospital and he was still attached to a drip. However instead of water or blood, the plastic bag feeding into him was attached to a bottle of soju and a bowl of Kimchi. Classic Korean costume and the best of the night by far!



Number 1: Government Shutdown Costume

This one is obviously for all you Americans out there. Granted it seems your wonderful Government has actually decided to open for business again today but I still think this is way too good a costume idea to blow off that easily. There are so many slants you could take on this be it dressing up as national monuments, politicians sleeping, Obama on vacation…and many more! Make yourself a funny “Closed for Business” sign and Hey Presto, you have yourself a pretty awesome and very topical halloween costume for 2013!

government shutdown costume



Where to start looking for your costume: The best place is on this Korean fancy dress website but failing that there are also costume stores in Hongdae and Gangnam where you can browse freely until you find the perfect outfit!