Helipad Lounge Kuala Lumpur – Best Bar in KL

Helipad Lounge Kuala Lumpur – Coolest bar in town

While in Malaysia last week I heard about an amazingly unique “pop up” bar, located on a helipad on the 36th floor of an office building in the centre of the city. Pretty cool, right? It’s called Helipad Lounge Kuala Lumpur and it’s one of the most amazing bars in Kuala Lumpur and one of the coolest I’ve ever been to.

Well I spent 2 days searching for the place and simply could not find it. I knew it was in an office tower called “Menara Kh” so I kept telling various taxi drivers that is where I wanted to go. I kept saying take me to the “menara” bar or to the “menara tower” but kept ending up at other tall random buildings. I later found out that “menara” means “tower” in Malay…no wonder the poor taxi driver was confused considering the 100’s of tower blocks dotted around the city!! Whoops!!

It wasn’t all wasted time though as I did come across another cool rooftop bar called “Luna” on the 34th floor of the Pacific Regency Hotel. It had amazing views of the KL skyline, an outdoor swimming pool, good tunes and excellent cocktails. If you’re looking for other amazing places to visit, check out these top points of interest.

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Enjoying a Cocktail at Luna Bar

Luna Bar Kuala Lumpur

The amazing outdoor rooftop pool at Luna Bar

After 3 days searching for the mysterious Helipad , a kind local couchsurfer pointed out the building to me and I was able to re-trace the same route the following day and finally ascend to the 36 floors to the mesmerising  Helipad Lounge!

First off, you go up to the 34th floor of a pretty deserted office building, where I continued to doubt if I was indeed in the right place. However after briefly wandering around the empty office block I found the bar and was pretty ecstatic! I ordered a Mojito and was told to head on up the stairs, a further 2 stories, to the Helipad.

Walking out onto the roof, 36 floors up, was pretty amazing. There were 360 degree views of the city skyline unobstructed by fences or barricades or netting or windows, from the Patronas towers, to the Kl Tower, it was really a spectacular sight. I arrived just as the sun was setting, which meant the sky was turning a moody pink and the 10 or so other adventurists who had made it to the top were all snapping away getting once in a lifetime shots of themselves drinking cocktails on a Helipad.

Sunset cocktails on the Helipad lounge kuala lumpur

Sunset cocktails on the Helipad = AMAZING!

Posing on the Heli Lounge Kuala Lumpur - 36th floor of the Menara KH

Posing on the Helipad – 36th floor of the Menara KH

The drinks were only 20 Ringgit, so around 5 euro, the service was great and the views were sensational. I highly recommend going to this bar if you are in Kuala Lumpur. (The bar is only open from 7pm until 9pm (perfect for sunset cocktails) so make sure to get their early.)

Heli Lounge KL

Pick your seat…just make sure there are no helicopters trying to land!


  • silkpurseproductions
    July 21, 2013 at 4:28 pm

    I’d say both these bars are pretty spectacular! They must be pretty conservative with alcohol or I am sure people would end up in the pool and over the edge.