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Blind Albino Crabs and jumping from Volcanos

I recently returned from a week-long break in The Canary Islands, with a good friend and fellow wine lover! Our week of winter sunshine was just what the doctor ordered for both of us; a chance to top up the tan and explore a new place (my holiday goals) and a chance to relax and rejuvenate while sipping on copious amounts of wine and cocktails (my friends holiday goals!).

pool view balcon del mar

Two of the highlights from our week-long boozey package deal (the shame, the shame) for me included a trip to Jameos Del Agua and climbing a Volcano that happened to have a pirate museum perched on top!!

Checking out the hundreds, if not thousands, of rare blind albino crabs in a blue lagoon which was created following a volcanic eruption over 3,000 years ago was certainly a first for me! The water was so shockingly blue, so unbelievably clear, that is t was like stepping into a parallel universe or the set of Avatar! Photos and words cannot do this natural wonder justice, it simply must be seen and experienced.

The Blue Lagoon in jameos del agua was not the only thing that treated our senses. Towards the end of the lava tunnel is an astonishing concert cave with amazing natural acoustics, a feast for the ears! The cave seems to draw you in and could very easily lull you to sleep, as you listen to classical chimes and admire the vastness of the cave.

blue lagoon

jameos del agua

En route to this enchanting place, our magical bus tour allowed us one more stop. We hopped off the bus in Teguise with the intention of checking out some churches and architecture and maybe even grabbing a bite to eat. However upon hopping off the bus, we both looked UP. And the sight bestowed upon was one of pure temptation. One of Lanzarotes 300 Volcanos, but with the added effect of a newly renovated caste-turned-pirate-museum perched on the edge, lay in front of us, begging us to climb it.

We had 1 hour until the bus returned to pick us up, so without thinking twice we shot off up the spirally road, wrapping its way around this ancient mountain. And boy were the views from the top worth it. (The pirate museum had much to be desired, but the views made up for whatever was lacking!) Those that read my blog regularly know that I’m a BIG fun of ‘jumping pics’, so the chance to leap into the air at the edge of a volcano was not something I was going to turn down.

volcano lanzarote

teguise lanzarote

Besides climbing volcanos and spying on blind crabs, much of our time in Lanzarote revolved around 2 things. 2 very important things if you were to ask my friend. But those delicacies, dear readers, are for another post….

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