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Princess Diary Cafe in Seoul, South Korea

Korea, and Seoul in particular, has A LOT of funky Cafes. From the Hello Kitty and Charlie Brown Cafe in Hongdae to the Cat and Dog cafes in Myeongdong but the Princess Diary Cafe is by far the most fun cafe I’ve ever been to.

Located, strategically I’m sure, next to the Ehwa Women’s University and Ahyeon-dong Wedding Street (which has over 2000 wedding dress shops!!) is The Princess Diary Cafe.

For the price of a drink and between 5,000-30,000 won extra (depending on what type of dress you choose) you can spend an hour or so prancing around this cutesy, pink-walled cafe with a tiara on your head pretending to be a princess. So last saturday, 4 of friends decided to let our inne child out for the day and play dress up!

After ordering out delicious smoothies we were told do do our hair and make-up and make sure to use the restroom before the fun could begin. We were shown to a large walk in wardrobe/dressing room with a long rail of dresses mostly what looked like typical, yet beautiful, white wedding dresses to fit all shapes and sizes.

One by one the cafe assistant pinned us(maybe a little TOO tightly!!) into our dresses, carefully attached tiaras to our heads and we were free to live the dream. Well, for half an hour anyway! From clown wigs to pirate hats, silk gloves, black top hats, masks and everything in between it was endless fun prancing around the cafe, playing with the lighting and taking WAY too many photos.

Here is a look at some of the fun we had. Enjoy!

Chilling on the oversized and over populated pink couch!

Jody getting her Tiara perfectly placed


Jody and I

4 dresses, 1 tux...FIVE GIRLS!

Bride wars!

"Pretending" to play the piano!

Lovely day for a hat!

Acting like clowns!

Acting like sad puppies





Saturday 6th of August 2011

This looks amazing! I would love to go to a cafe like this! Great pics! x


Sunday 21st of August 2011

Thanks Kelly, it was such fun you would love it! Maybe they will open one in Dublin someday!

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