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Ireland’s Top 14 Travel Bloggers

Ireland’s Top 14 Travel Bloggers

I present to you, my list of 14 of Ireland’s best travel bloggers. These are people that will fill you with wanderlust, have you searching for flights abroad and will give you that bit of travel inspiration you are looking for.

How To Get Published on The Huffington Post

How To Get Published on The Huffington Post

7 published writers, bloggers and photographers give some tips on how to get published on The Huffington Post and what it will do for your blog.

Myanmar Travel Guide: Everything You Read Is Wrong

Myanmar Travel Guide: Everything You Read Is Wrong

Myanmar isn’t for flash packers, gap-year party kids or idiot travelers who can’t bother making any plans for themselves. The lack of these things showed in the quality of the travelers I met there. No one was there by accident or by way of lazy curiosity.

What A Life  – Incredible Tales From The Road

What A Life – Incredible Tales From The Road

There’s a tendency to be shocked by what you see and also by what you don’t notice anymore. “What a life” was a recurring thought, a response to the incredulous. The tour guide who points out his house and, without skipping a beat, points out the adjacent killing field where his family died? What a life.

Battling Rabies in Africa

Battling Rabies in Africa

From riding in the back of an ex-army truck across Africa to battling rabies and drinking his own Urine, Irish travel writer and presenter Manchan Magan is not your regular D4 head!

Dear Diary – Laughter and Crocodiles

I have to wonder sometimes why we put ourselves through hell, why I chose to endure sky rocketing temperatures, no electricity, no water and a culture unlike anything I have previously experienced rather than staying at home in Ireland like…

Dear Diary- Hello Kitale

Dear Diary, Day of luxury-if the people back home saw us now they would laugh so hard! Taken straight out of a holiday brochure for spain- as one of the girls so nicely put it. We spent the day at the…

Guest Post 2: Notes from the Random

The mystery of the missing popcorn factory was hell on my feet. The town of Hsipaw (pronounced See-paw) isn’t known for attractions. Mainly a starting point for trekkers, we’d gone there just to go. The popcorn factory stuck from a…

Has the Postcard become obsolete?!

In this age of digital communication, from email and facebook to skyping home in the blink of a second, has the age old tradition of sending a cheesy postcard become obsolete? I adore receiving postcards, sticking them to the side…

International Adventurers: Polar Exploration

Ernest and Jonathan Shackleton “By endurance we conquer”.   This year marks the Centenary of Irish expolorer Ernest Shackletons legendary attempt to reach the South Pole. His cousin, Jonathan Shackleton, talks about what it is like to walk in his…

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