Full Moon Madness: Top Party Hostels on Koh Phangan


Koh Phangan is one of the most famous islands in Thailand, predominantly known for the raucous full moon beach parties (and all the parties that take place in between) organised on Haad Rin beach every month. While there is no denying that it can feel like one big party during these times, staying in the right hostel will help you enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience to the maximum.

Having spent three incredible weeks on this heavenly island earlier this year, I have decided to write this quick post on the best party hostels on Koh Phangan to stay during the Full Moon Party, or any other time of the month for that matter.

Word of warning: The average age at these hostels will be about 21. If you go during Full Moon and think you are going to get a good nights sleep…forget about it. There are plenty of amazing boutique hotels, eco resorts and chilled out hostels on the island for those not wishing to take part in the mayhem.

If you’re looking for peace and tranquility, these are not the hostels for you.

If, on the other hand, you are looking to stay in a hostel that will put a beer in your hand on arrival, organise insane pool parties and beer pong tournaments and end up with you making friends with people from all over the world….these are the hostels to call home.

Lazy House Shenanigans


Lazy House Shenanigans was the hostel I stayed out during the March Full Moon Beach Party on Koh Phangan. Located in Haad Rin, where the main party takes place, and complete with outdoor bar and swimming pool, I knew I had made the right choice when booking.

Unfortunately, two days before I was due to arrive, I had my horrible accident on Koh Tao which involved a trip to hospital, 4 stitches to my head and worst of all….no alcohol for a week! My friend Coral and I tried to cancel our reservation as we were seriously worried about staying in a party hostel for 5 days given my unsteady state, but as we were not able to get a refund we decided to give it a chance.

While not being able to drink in a hostel that prides itself on being the life and soul of Haad Rin, with many people from other hostels actually coming here to party in the lead up to the Full Moon party, I still managed to have an incredible time. most people that stay for Full Moon sign up for the hostels’ 5 day party package which includes a free bucket every night, free breakfast at their cafe down the road (which also happens to show movies on a big screen all day long – perfect for hangover days!) and a voucher for their delicious all-you-can-eat BBQ which they serve up every night leading up to the full moon party.

Best bits: Amazing atmosphere, very easy to make friends, cheap drinks and awesome swimming pool and bar area. Oh and FREE entry to their waterpark. 

Worst bits: The common area is in SERIOUS need of some love. Complaints of cockroaches in the rooms. The 6 bed dorm was extremely cramped.

Cost during Full Moon: €14 – €16 per night, 5 night minimum.

Blue Dream Hostel


I actually stayed at Blue Dream Hostel for the very first Full Moon party I ever attended back in August 2014. It was under a different name back then, Hard Road Café I think it was called, and it was one of my favourite hostels in Thailand. Run by a group of French guys, this is a very big hostel with a lot to offer. It’s almost like a mini backpacker resort rather than your average hostel. There’s a bar, restaurant, large chill-out area, beer pong table, pool table, swimming pool and sports area where they organise mini tournaments in the lead up to the Full Moon party.

I stayed in the 14 bed mixed dorm when I returned to this hostel in April and while staying in a dorm that big would normally be my worst nightmare, this was actually really spacious and made it very easy to make friends as a solo traveller. Everything was kept very clean, I found the staff super friendly and welcoming and over-all just had another extremely positive experience at this hostel.

Location wise it is on the main road in Baan Tai, just 2 minutes walk from a really beautiful beach and just 15 minutes taxi or scooter ride to Haad Rin where the Full Moon Party takes place. 

Best bits: Swimming pool, great atmosphere, incredible facilities on offer.

Worst bits: Poor selection of food at their bar/restaurant and far from Haad Rin which means if you want to party on a random day of the week/month, there are not many bars around.

Cost during Full Moon: €14.50 – €17.50 per night, 5 night minimum.

Nomad House Hostel


Nomad House Hostel sort of stole my heart while staying on Koh Phangan. I ended up staying here for almost an entire week and would have stayed longer if they hadn’t needed to close up shop for a few days (I think they close when it is super quiet to give staff a break). While it does not have the facilities that Blue Dream or Lazy House Shenanigans have, what they lack in facilities they make up for in friendliness and charm.

This is a real party hostel. The kind that puts a smile on your face on arrival, and makes your realise almost instantly that you have made the right decision to stay there. You will find large groups of guys outside playing beer pong or pool, one or two passed out souls lying on the couches recovering from a nasty hangover, and groups of chilled out people out the back piecing together the antics of the night before.

What made my stay here so special, as with most things in life, was the people I met and the good times had together.  One of the guys who worked there, he was from Brazil I think, took a group of about 12 of us on a free tour of the island. He brought us to secret beaches, stunning coves and this cool bar where you could go cliff jumping. A true highlight of my time on Koh Phangan.

Best bits: Amazing staff, clean rooms, BBQ night.

Worst bits: Far from Haad Rin, no restaurant.

Cost during Full Moon: €13 per night. 5 night minimum. 

Top Party Hostels On Koh Phangan

Where did you stay while on Koh Phangan?

Leave a comment! x


25 Things I Learned About Myself In Thailand


This post is both a bit personal and a bit random. While sitting in a cafe a few days ago, I wrote a long list of things I learned about myself over the past 2 months in Thailand. Some of them are silly, some funny, some very personal. It’s not meant to be deep or meaningful, just something I wanted to jot down and keep for my own sake.

Would love if any other fellow solo travellers wanted to share things they may have learned about themselves while travelling long-term. Feel free to leave a comment. x

1. I devour books like there’s no tomorrow.

I have come to the realisation that I cannot simply put a book down while reading it. When I was a little younger my travelling priorities laid with having fun, partying and making new friends. Over the past two months, I could not leave my dorm if I had a good book to read. I would be clued to every page and nothing was going to get in my way of discovering what happened next. This could also be an indicator of the high quality of books I have been reading! Jeffrey Archer for the win!

2. I can’t drink like I used to.

This is both a good thing and a bad thing. It’s bad because it means if I ever go over my limit (it happens to all of us at times!) I suffer from the worst hangovers in the world. The good thing is I am learning that my alcohol tolerance isn’t what it used to be and have been having as many sober nights as possible. When i was younger, I feel I was always the crazy party person…nowadays I’m the quiet recluse reading a book in bed drinking a solitary beer!

3. I work best under pressure.

As a blogger and freelance blogger, I am nothing without strict deadlines. Honestly, I work best under pressure so if i am told I have two hours to writ an article, consider it done. If I am told “take as long as you need”…well, that article will never get written!

4. I’m not a beach person.

This is a bit mad coming from someone who just spent 6 weeks island hopping in Thailand but i have come to the conclusion that I am really not a beach person. Do I like water? Hell yes. Swimming pools? Of course. Surfing? Yes please. But simply lying on a beach for the day just to tan? NO THANKS. I guess I am just too restless for that. Plus…I get too hot, too quickly to be able to stay a full day in the sun.

5. My obsession with Instagram is unhealthy.

This is a huge fault, and an obsession that grew very quickly and i am keen to extinguish just as fast. I found myself obsessing so much over getting the perfect shot for Instagram while island hopping in Phi Phi, that arriving to Maya Bay and discovering the tide was out and it looked nothing like the photos made me ridiculously angry. Not getting ‘that photo’ was about to ruin what had been an amazing dat trip. I have since tried to take a step back from Instagram, posting less often and not giving a flying…fish…about how many likes or comments my photos get. YOLO.

6. I have a high tolerance for spicy food

I actually realised this in India, but my time in Thailand has cemented the fact that I LOVE spicy food and have a controversially high tolerance to spicy food! YUM.

7. I prefer to be too hot than too cold. 

I can’t count the number of nights where i had to fight with people in my dormitory over how high or low the air con should be set. While I love aircon, and won’t stay anywhere in Asia without it, being too cold when trying to sleep is just horrible. i stayed in one hostel in Koh Samui where I had to wear all my clothes in bed and use my blanket and towel to stop myself from shivering because the zircon was turned on so high.

8. Eating grasshoppers makes me sick.

Random fact…after eating grasshopper at the night market in Chiang Mai, I almost got sick in my mouth. The same thing happened after drinking snake blood in Vietnam. I will try everything once….but once is most definitely enough.

9. Thai Red bull makes me sick.

The stuff of nightmares. Thai Red Bull, which is said to be THREE TIMES as strong as western Red Bull makes me very, very sick. I will not be touching it again, and you shouldn’t either.

10. I can tan, despite my red hair

I think I always knew this, but it was confirmed again by so many people i met on the road. “You’re from Ireland?!” they would ask. “But…you’re so tanned!” Yes, Irish people can in fact get a tan Mad, right?!

11. I still love to send postcards

Sent lots of postcards to friends and family and even snapchat followers while in Thailand. I feel us postcard senders are very much a dying breed.

12. One is never too old to try new things

One of my biggest accomplishments over the past 2 months was learning how to ride a scooter. It is something I was always too scared to do but finally my friend Steph taught me what to do and now i wonder how different my previous travels would have been if I had explored everywhere by scooter. one thing is for sure…I am totally hooked. It taught me that you are never too old to learn something new. Next up…I want to learn yoga!

13. Hostels are no longer my best friend

I am not saying I don’t like them, I most definitely do. I am just saying they are no longer ‘the best thing since sliced bread’, which would have been my previous opinion of them. The truth is, my travel style really has changed and I am more interested in clean sheets and a private bathroom with fresh towels than I am sleeping in a 16 bed mixed dorm with fun, party-hard backpackers.

14. Age is just a number…or is it.

Age IS just a number….until you find yourself partying at a Full Moon beach party with a group of 21 year old who drink like fish and seem to suffer no hangovers. Then, suddenly, age becomes a lot more than a number and your headaches last as many hours as you have had birthdays.

15. I’m an extremely patient traveller

I waited 5 hours for a bus to leave, sat on said bus for 12 hours, arrived at 6 in the morning and waiting 3 more hours in a McDonalds until it was time to catch my flight and made not one single complaint. I am a very patient traveller. A decade of backpacking will do that.

16. Blood makes me squeamish

After my little fainting episode on Koh Tao where I  cut my head open and knocked half my front tooth out, i woke up with a lot of blood on my face and hair. it was not a pretty site and boy did I not like it. First I felt sick, then upset, then I just cried. 

17. I prefer slow travel

The more i travel, the more I realise I prefer to do it really slow and to try get to know a place. My two favourite places happen to be the ones I stayed longest in, Koh Phangan (3 weeks in total) and Chaing Mai (just under 2 weeks). The longer I stay in a place, the more I like it. Going forward, I plan to travel a lot slower and from June onwards, I might even try to stick to overland travel.

18. I really do have TOO MUCH hair

This is a bit of an ongoing joke with my friends. From hairdressers in Korea telling me my hair was ‘dangerous’ or that I had ‘too many hairs’ and they were going to charge me for TWO blow dries instead of one, to people on the road always commenting on how much hair I have, an incident in Thailand finally confirmed everything for me. When i went to get stitches in my head on Koh Tao, the doctor shaved off a big chunk of my hair to clean the wound and stitch it up. She then laughed and said, “I shaved off lots of your hair, but you have so much nobody will notice!” She was right.

19. Travelling with other bloggers makes me happy

Now that I am a full time blogger who must update every type of social media possible throughout the day an devout many hours to writing articles, travelling with other bloggers makes life SO much easier. They don’t laugh at you snap chatting your day, because they are doing it themselves. They understand you aren’t going out partying because you have deadlines to meet and they are just on the same wave length all the time. I hope to hang out with more fellow bloggers in the future.

20. I’m capable of travel fails

From not drinking enough water and fainting multiple times, to losing my shoes at a temple to turning up at the wrong airport for a flight, it seems no matter how experienced I am at travelling, I am still very much capable of major travel fails!

21. I still have my old wild streak

As all the above points indicate, I am not the person I used to be. That said, my wild streak still comes out and when it does, madness ensues. During Songkran Festival, I persuaded 2 fellow bloggers and 2 Scottish girls I had just befriended to jump into the back of the next pick up truck that passed, so we could get a free lift to a nightclub and enjoy the mass watertight from a different angle. They agree, in we jumped, and I have never laughed so much in my life. Getting wild every now and then is a must.

22. Wasting money stresses me out

I hate hate hate wasting money. I guess everyone does, but it really stresses me out. little things like been made to pay a ridiculous amount of money for a really crap breakfast, or not being able to get a refund on booked accommodation, or losing money on a night out all make me unreasonable upset. It’s just money, right? not in my eyes!

23. Speaking to strangers feels rewarding

This is a weird one. I avoid it a lot of the time, but whenever I make the effort to talk to strangers, I instantly feel better about myself. I suddenly feel more confident and good things nearly always come of it. From offers of jobs to free hotel stays, talking to strangers has actually never had a negative effect on me. Especially in airports…everyone should make new friends in airports!

24. I don’t need other people to be happy

Travelling solo, yet again, has made me realise that I truly do not need to depend on other people to make me happy. That’s not to say that other people don’t make me happy, they do. Sometimes I absolutely LOVE being around others. But I am just as happy to be by myself, exploring an island on my scooter, chilling out by the pool and soaking up the sunshine, reading a book. Whatever, wherever, I have finally made peace with my own company and it’s great to know that I can make myself happy.

25. I’m a belieber

That’s right. I said it. I stand by it. And I know there many more secret Beliebers out there! Make yourself known.


Pier 42 Phuket – Igniting My Love For Boutique Hotels


I have always been a hostel-loving kind go traveller, but as I (inevitably!) get older, I have started to appreciate a little bit of luxury a lot more. If I do stay in hostels during a long trip, I always try to mix it up with a few really nice hotel stays along the way, like the incredible boutique hotels in Krabi I stayed in a few weeks ago.

The more time I spend in nice hotels, the more I realise just how much I love my creature comforts; privacy, clean sheets, my own bathroom, fresh towels and best of all….a free breakfast! While the chance to stay in any nice hotel is always exciting, a recent stay at Pier 42 Boutique Hotel in Phuket well and truly started what is set to be a life-long love affair with boutique hotels.

While the last two months have taken me to some of the most luxurious hotels in Asia, from a string of five-star properties in India to hotels in Thailand which I never wanted to leave, Pier 42 Phuket remains my favourite stay of all. It’s taking me a long time to actually write about it, mainly because I was having difficulty pinpointing exactly what it was that made it so special.



Here’s the thing…I have never really been the really the biggest fan of Phuket, but this hotel has magically shown me that if you stay in the right place in the right area, your impressions of a destination can be entirely transformed. From the moment my friend Coral and I arrived at Pier 42, it felt like we were escaping the madness of the island and had been transported to a quiet oasis. As we walked through the lush garden and private courtyard, full of an array of hanging plants and smells to calm all the senses, we knew we had chosen a special place.

The lady showing us around had perfect English, and when she opened the door to our room, I instantly fell in love. Not just with Pier 42 Phuket, but with boutique hotels the world over. The room was brimming with character and the bed was one of the biggest I have slept in. There was a big bean bag for chilling out in and the thing I adored the most was that there is a small gift box for each guest, full of samples from the hotels spa. Gift gold, in my opinion!



Our room had a view down to the pool and jacuzzi area, which is exactly where we spent the rest of the afternoon. I loved the mini waterfall feature in the pool, the wooden deck chairs and how it honestly felt like we were staying in our own private haven in the middle of a jungle rather than in the middle of a busy district of Phuket!



Who else says YES YES YES to outdoor showers?! :-)

A photo posted by Janet Newenham (@janetnewenham) on

Coral and I decided to treat ourselves to some spa treatments, especially as the staff were kind enough to give us a 20% discount! I had a full body message and was so relaxed throughout, thanks to the soft smells and calming music, that I ended up falling asleep on the massage table and had to be woken by the end of it! It was the little touches, like the fresh pot of herbal tea waiting for us in the garden after our massages, that really made the difference. While the massages were more expensive than all the other one’s i have since had in Thailand, I still think it is worth your money as the quality was really high and the settings adds to the experience.

This hotel has started on ongoing love affair with boutique hotels, and if I ever return to Phuket I know exactly where I’ll be staying. If you are looking for a great new website to book amazing hotels like this one, why not try out Travel Ticker.


Koh Phangan Full Moon Party Survival Tips

full moon party

The Koh Phangan Full Moon party is a right of passage for many young backpackers, and tops many people’s bucket lists around the world. It is one of the biggest beach parties in the world and really is a once in a lifetime experience where tens of thousands of people spend the night covered in neon paint and fluorescent t-shirts, drinking buckets of cheap Thai alcohol and dancing till sunrise.

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Now that I have successfully survived two epic Full Moon Parties on Koh Phangan island, I want to pass on some of my observations and pass on some tips on how to make the most of your time here without getting sick, over tired or robbed of all your world possessions!


Here’s my Ultimate Full Moon Party Survival Guide…

How do I get to Koh Phangan?

Getting to Koh Phangan is actually the easiest part. Depending on where you are coming from there are loads of different options. The two nearest airports are Koh Samui and Surat Thani so if you are lucky enough to find some cheap flights, this is the quickest way to get down to this part of the country. Boats (there are three different types which all take roughly the same amount of time to get here) leave at various times throughout the day from the mainland at Surat Thani and Chumphon costing about 450 baht each way and stopping off at Koh Samui before arriving at Koh Phangan.

If you are coming from Bangkok, there are a number of tour agencies that will sell you bus and boat transfer packages which make life a lot easier and start from around 1100 baht one way.

Where should I stay for the Full Moon Party?

Location is key

First things first, if you are planning to come to the Koh Phangan Full Moon party, you have quite a few options when it comes to accommodation, depending on what you are looking for exactly. The main party zone is around Haad Rin, which is the beach where the Full Moon Party itself takes place. There are also tonnes of pre parties near here in the days leading up to the Full Moon such as the Waterfall Party and the Jungle Party.

There are some fun party hostels in the area where you are sure to make friends. Most hostels require a minimum 5 day stay over Full Moon as everything gets a little hectic and they don’t want to be stressing out over check ins and check outs. My advice would be to book a hostel in Haad Rin but not one on the beach. I have heard lots of horror stories of dorm rooms and bungalows on the beach getting broken into or trashed during Full Moon.

If you want to stay safe, book something AT LEAST 200 metres from the beach (such as Lazy House Shenanigans Hostel) or else upgrade to a room in a nice resort with good security. This way if you feel like leaving early you don’t have to worry about getting a taxi and you can also pop back to the hostel to get more money or to drop off your phone/camera like I did once I had taken a few good pics. If you prefer to stay a little further away, I can recommend Blue Dream Hostel in Thongsala. I stayed there 2 years ago in was amazing!



Cost of accommodation

It should be noted that every single hostel and hotel on Koh Phangan increases their prices significantly during Full Moon. The hostel we were stayed in cost between 650 and 850 baht a night for a room in a very cramped 6 bed dorm. If you visit any other time of the month, the same bed costs just 100 baht!! The further you are from Haad Rin, I would imagine, the cheaper your bed for the night will cost but you have to add-on the price of taxis!

What should I wear to the Full Moon Party?

You can literally wear anything you like. While some  big groups team up and buy matching shirts or cheesy Hawaiian shirts that they wear over their bikinis (and nothing else!) most people seem to wear the standard full moon attire (denim shorts and bright t-shirt) which can be purchased once you arrive on Koh Phangan.

Pretty much every second shop on the island sells fluorescent t-shirts, neon paint and flower head bands to finish the look. The brighter you are, the more you will fit in. If you REALLY want to stand out, I suggest wearing all black or something similar!

Some people just head to the beach wearing a bikini and fairy wings…where they keep their money? Only God knows.


What should I bring on the night?

You should bring as little as possible. The best advice I ever got here was this, “Don’t bring anything you value. If waking up and finding it gone would upset you, then leave it at home.” This goes for clothes too. Your clothes will get RUINED. Don’t wear nice jewellery or your favourite white t-shirt unless you are cool with it getting ripped and covered in neon paint. Leave your camera and phone and wallet and home and just bring enough cash for the night.

Most people in our hostel tied their room key to their shorts and just brought cash. The few that did bring their phones came back half way through the night to drop them off for safe keeping.


What time does the party start?

Officially the party starts after sunset and continues right through until sunrise. Most people head down after 9pm but the party only REALLY gets started after midnight. My advice? The later the better. We didn’t head down until around 11.30pm I believe and it started to get really good after 2am.

By 7am, the party was still going but people who started early had already faded and gone to bed. Watching the sunrise on a beach with hundreds of total strangers, now new friends, after partying all night is a pretty unforgettable experience you won’t wan to miss.

How much money do I need?

Here’s a little break down of what things cost so you can work out for yourself how much money you will need:

Thai food for dinner: 150 baht

Western food for dinner: 220 baht

Street Pad Thai: 80 baht 

Street food on the beach: 80 baht

Beer: 60–100 baht (about 50 if you buy in 7-11)

Buckets: 150–450 baht (150 for the cheap Thai vodka or rum and up to 550 for Smirnoff or other foreign brands)

Toilets: 20 – 40 baht (yes, they make you pay for toilets!!)

Taxi home: 200-400 baht (depending if it’s a truck or a boat and where on the island you are going)


Additional Full Moon safety tips


For the love of God…stay away! Besides the million and one health and safety considerations to think about when doing drugs in your own country, doing drugs abroad can have a lot more devastating consequences. Koh Phangan is known to have a lot of crime gangs who work alongside the police to dupe tourists out of thousands of dollars to avoid prosecution. You may think you are just buying some harmless weed, and next thing you know you are sitting in a Thai prison with no passport. The Thai legal system is notoriously hard on drug users and there may even be undercover cops on the beach, just waiting to catch you out. Not only could it ruin your holiday, it could ruin your life.


Buckets, buckets, buckets. I both love them and hate them. They are pretty lethal as you have no idea how much alcohol is in each one and you also have no idea where the alcohol is coming from. If you buy one in your hostel, you are good to go. If you buy one on the beach, be sure you can carefully watch as they pour the alcohol in as there have been many cases of drugging. Locals say the alcohol on the beach is often fake and watered down so you are better off buying from bars or from the convenience store, where drink is cheaper.


Thai Red Bull

Stay away, seriously. This stuff is the devil. It is WAY stronger than the RedBull most people are used to and an overdose of this stuff could cause severe heart palpitations. If you really want to taste it, ask for a vodka and red bull with half sprite, so you don’t feel the full effects. I learned the hard way and was violently ill after just a few drinks and suffered badly the next day.


One thing that lights up the beach during these parties is fire. It’s everywhere. There flaming signs, fire throwers, skipping ropes doused in petroleum and even fire sticks at the entrance to bars. I can’t even count how many people I saw get burnt, especially during the fire skipping. They hold this massive jump rope and encourage party goers, in their drunken states, to jump over it. Many get tangles in the burning rope and suffer from very severe burns to the body. Not worth ruining your night over!



One of the best ways to get around anywhere in Thailand is by renting a scooter. It took me years to build up the courage and now I am totally addicted. That said, riding a scooter here in Koh Phangan the last few days scared the absolute crap out of me. I saw guys riding their scooters home at 7am having spent the last 12 hours drinking. I saw a guy standing up on the back of his friends bike, swerving all over the place, screaming, holding a beer in his hand, the day before Full Moon. It was around 2pm and he was already quite drunk. The roads are very hilly and extremely steep and, for first time drivers, Koh Phangan is a very dangerous place. Best to avoid renting a bike here…if you scratch if you will get totally crucified by the owners who demand thousand son rupees to repaid even the smallest scratches. Not worth the stress.


Everyone already know the danger of swimming drunk, so I won’t lecture you in that. One of the biggest dangers here is the rocks hiding under the water. The entire left hand side of the beach is totally covered in rocks which get covered by the water at high tide. I saw so many people falling over and exiting the water bleeding with very nasty foot wounds. Another danger is there are quite a lot of taxi boats and people have been injured in the past when these boats lose control in the water. Best to wait till your sober!



Personal safety

Stay with your friends!! Safety in groups is always important and is even more essential at a party like this. Don’t go anywhere by yourself and if you want to go home early, try to get someone to walk you there. It’s also not advisable to take drinks from strangers, same as in every other country!



Massive problem. It’s super hot during the day in Thailand and while it cools down a little, it still stays in the high twenties (celsius) even at night-time. I have become so dehydrated while here that I now try to take an oral rehydration packet with a bottle of water everywhere I go. They are available in all convenience stores for about 10 baht a packet. Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the night, and if you are ever feeling dizzy make you way to the Sleep Zone until you are feeling better again.


If I think of anything else later, I will update this or be sure to leave a comment with your Full Moon Party experience and safety tips. x

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 Full Moon Party Survival Guide

Full Moon Party, Koh PhanganA small glimpse of the Full Moon Party madness of Koh Phangan a few nights ago. This is really just a look at the morning after, as I didn’t bring my camera to the beach until 6am!!

Posted by Journalist On The Run on Thursday, 24 March 2016


Quick Travel Update – Where is Janet?


“Where is Janet?” is a question I am sure my poor parents are very used to hearing.  The thing is, sometimes I travel SO MUCH that my poor parents can hardly keep track of me. Sometimes I can hardly keep track of myself.

In fact, I have been travelling so much these days that I have started having these strange dreams sometimes (as anyone who has shared a room with me over the last few months will know to well!!) where I suddenly wake up in a panic and don’t really know where I am. The longer I stay in one place, and the more settled I am, the less I have these strange dreams. Thankfully!

I thought I should give you a quick recap of where I have been so far this year and then go on to fill you in on what I am up to right now. I also want to apologise for the lack of blog posts I have been writing – sometimes I am having too much fun in the sun to justify sitting in a dark cafe and being a good blogger like I should be.

Considering it’s only mid-March, I really have had a crazy busy year so far.


In January I spent a week surfing in Morocco with a group of friends. It was amazing to have a solid week to improve my surfing and enjoy a bit of winter sunshine. After my friends left, I headed to Marrakech for 5 days. Something I later regretted and which I blogged about here.

I then flew to Paris to meet up with two very goof friends from Uni and absolutely loved getting lost in the streets of Paris for three full days and taking more photos that I care to admit to.


I then flew to Lisbon, Portugal where I stayed at The Surf Office, a really cool co-working space aimed at startup and digital nomads. I still have not written about my experiences here but I promise I will soon as it really was the most incredible experience. I think I was so overwhelmed by the beauty of Lisbon’s buildings that I couldn’t get myself to stay in front of a computer for more than a few minutes while there.



After just one short week at home to get my stuff unpacked, washed and then packed again, I set off to Norway for 4 days to check out Oslo’s winter wonderland on assignment with Expedia.ie. You make have seen my photos and videos which i shared on my Facebook page


Just a few days after returning from Oslo I was off on my first bug adventure of the year, a 15 day tour around Kerala Province in Southern India with 29 other bloggers from 25 countries around the world. I have written a few posts already about my trip of a lifetime on the #KeralaBlogExpress but many more photos and videos will follow shortly.



Upon leaving India, I flew straight to Thailand and have been island hopping around this incredible country for the last 3 weeks as anyone who follows my Instagram will know. I may have become a little bit obsessed with tropical beaches and magical sunsets as that is all I seem to take photos of these days. In the past three weeks I have been to Krabi where I stayed in two absolutely beautiful hotels, Ko Lanta Island which I sort of fell in love with, and Phi Phi Islands where I felt about 10 years older than everyone else. We then headed to Phuket, Ko Tao and now I am on Koh Phangan, the home of the Full Moon Party.



It’s been a crazy few months, full of ups and downs, more highs than lows but a few accidents and stressful days scattered in between. I am currently on  party island, staying in a party hostel known for its pool parties and crazy night time shenanigans, but am not allowed to drink alcohol or get my head wet. I am on all sorts of medication and have 4 stitches in the back of my head. And believe me, that is just the surface of it. I’ll keep all the juicy details for another post later this week though.

My friend Coral whom I have been travelling with is due to fly home in a few days which means I will be a solo traveller again for the first time since January. I am looking forward to meeting up with some blogger friends here in Thailand and hopefully finding a place to call home for a few months.

Besides trips around Thailand, I have trips to Malaysia, Myanmar and Sri Lanka lined up for the next few months so stay tuned for more details on those adventures.

Lots of blog posts about Thailand are in the pipeline so if you are planning a trip here, be sure to leave any questions you have in the comments section so I can try answer them in one of my posts.

Janet x