Tips For Solo Female Travel In Marrakech

I’m not going to sugar coat this. Travelling as a solo female backpacker in Morocco is tough. You will get harassed, you will get shouted at, maybe even grabbed. Men will make the most grotesque… View Post

Wine Tasting in Hunter Valley, Australia

Ahhh wine tasting. My favourite hobby on a Friday night. Thus you can imagine my excitement at the thought of spending a WHOLE weekend tasting wine. This post will not be all that informative…we did… View Post

How To Travel Maldives On A Budget

Ever dreamed of travelling to paradise but thought you could never afford it? Think again because solo travel in the Maldives on a budget is totally possible and is getting easier every day. Here’s my… View Post

Wine Tasting in Lanzarote

If you were to ask me, “What was the best thing about you holiday in Lanzarote?”

I would tell you… “THE WINE!!”

If you were to ask my friend Ollie who, I traveled with, he would say, “The Wine…and the cheese!”.
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